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Aston University Blackboard

Blackboard is the University’s virtual learning environment. It can be accessed at

Blackboard gives staff and students access to one central resource for online teaching and learning.  Staff will be able to share and reuse digital teaching resources, develop innovative learning materials, diversify assessment as well as manage student access and performance.  Similarly, students will benefit from a simpler and more efficient learning tool where all course information, including course content, assignments and discussion topics are stored and accessible from one place.


To report a technical problem or make a request for support please email

Staff Training

On line resources

Please take a look at the TLC guides and tutorials resource for Blackboard. Often this is the quickest way to get help as it is available 24 hours a day.

One to one

Training can be arranged in a one to one setting or simply advice given via email or over the telephone. Please get in touch with

One to many

Training can also be arranged for a number of members of staff. You may feel it beneficial to your subject group if you are all trained at once which can provide for some very useful group discussion over how a tool might be implemented into module or even an entire strategy. Please get in touch with