Ashridge Business School Management Development Programme

Ashridge Business School Management Development Programme

Ashridge Business School Management Development Programme

Gain a well-rounded set of skills to get your leadership career started on a successful footing.

This intensive five-day general management program focuses on the specific areas where managers need practical support.

Program Overview

Based on leading research and practice, the program is completely immersive. You gain rare and valuable time to focus entirely on yourself, reflect on your self-development, and create an action plan to apply back at work.

You will learn:

  • How to manage yourself and others
  • How to lead and motivate teams to excellence
  • Understand how strategy, marketing and finance interrelate
  • Enhance your people skills
  • Optimise your management style

Content and Structure


Pre-program, you will have some initial reading to do and you will undertake an SDI® self-assessment questionnaire to identify your personal strengths and preferences and how these relate to those of your colleagues. It will help you understand how to use your strengths effectively to improve your working or personal relationships with others.


Residential Phase

The program combines a study of proven frameworks for best business management practice with experiential learning, in a supportive environment. You practise a range of effective management skills in team exercises as well as in role play situations with actors. You apply everything you learn to your own work situation through reflection and discussion.

The program is built around a framework of people, processes and performance, covering the following topics:


  • Define an effective manager: knowledge, skills, attitudes and authenticity
  • You and others: develop enhanced awareness of your own motivations and those of others; manage your emotions; build productive relationships; influence peers, team members or bosses
  • Build a high performance team: understand team roles and interaction; make effective team decisions; empower and motivate team members


  • Comprehend marketing essentials: recognise the importance of customer value
  • Manage yourself: time management; delegation; running effective meetings; presentation skills; personal impact and practical problem-solving
  • Manage the performance of others: diagnose problems and practise productive performance conversations; work with ‘difficult’ people and conflict situations


  • Strategy: understand the big picture and your role in it
  • Financial thinking: understand finance fundamentals and cost and profit drivers

You bring together this learning in a group business simulation activity which integrates your new skills in people, processes and performance. You will then develop an action plan for specific issues in your workplace.


After the program you will keep a learning diary to record your progress, concerns and any questions. Tutors then focus on key points from your diary to prompt discussion in a virtual follow-up session six weeks after the residential phase.

You are also given continued access to your online program portal and Virtual Ashridge content for six months after your residential stay.