Ashridge Business School Generation Y

Ashridge Business School Generation Y

Ashridge research into Generation Y: Overview and Background

Overall, there is a consensus that Generation Y have grown up in a very different environment to previous generations: they come to the workplace with different skills; are motivated by different things; think differently about learning; and think differently about relationships. These differences, combined with advances in technology and communication suggest that there is a demand for new ways of working and learning. However, many of the discussions in the literature regarding this generation are based purely on anecdotal evidence.

At Ashridge we’ve been researching Generation Y since 2009, testing the commonly held assumptions and stereotypes about this generation. Our on-going programme of research has investigated multiple aspects of Generation Y and those they work with, including the wider range of generations in the workplace.

Our research investigates:

  • Is Generation Y actually different?
  • What has made them the way they are?
  • What do Generation Y want from work?
  • Are Generation Y living up to workplace demands?
  • And what are the appropriate ways of working and learning with this generation?


Gen Y in the Middle East

What do organisations need to do to motivate, develop and retain Generation Y in the Middle east in order for them to fulfil their potential? Findings from our latest research show that Generation Y in the GCC countries is a strongly motivated workforce with a number of opportunities for organisations and individuals to exploit to pave the way for the future.

This research project complements our existing and ongoing inter-generational research. It differs from previous work (by Ashridge and others) in that it focuses on the local population of the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, examining the successes and aspirations of young people at work in their local environments in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

A survey of 300 Generation Y people across the six countries examined a range of topics from the drivers of success, to learning and working relationships with other employees.  The report provides region-centric research, that will provide insights for a range of stakeholders including Generation Y, and their employers and managers in the Middle East.

Download the report.

Our inter-generational research is ongoing, and builds on previous research projects. An overview of our Generation Y research can be found here, or see our individual project pages for more information: