Ashridge Business School Distance Learning

Ashridge Business School Distance Learning

Executive MBA for the Creative Industries

Course Description

 The two-year Executive MBA for the Creative Industries is a 24 month programme. You will study mainly online with 4 residential weeks over 2 years, 3 of which are at Ashridge Business School and one is an international business experience outside of the UK.

Programme overview

This Executive MBA, delivered mainly online, is for professionals either already working in the creative sector or looking to make the transition into the sector, who wish to gain the strategic skills and knowledge required to respond to changing global market forces due to increased digitisation and globalisation. You will learn how to lead and inspire innovation and how to build a culture of creative excellence whilst balancing the demands of commercial enterprise. The programme is designed and delivered by world-ranked, triple-accredited Ashridge with the expertise and contribution from an Advisory Board of senior-level professionals from the creative industries and two experienced industry partners; Creative Skillset and Atticus Education.

Course Modules:

The Ashridge MBA for the Creative Industries is built around six core modules each containing two units. You will study each module according to a published study schedule over 18 months. The last 3-6 months of your programme will be spent on your business-based masters project. This draws on your skills and knowledge you have developed during the programme and is directly relevant to your preferred industry.

The six core modules are:

• Business Finance
• Creating Strategy
• Marketing
• Leading the Creative Process
• Achieving Scale
• Effective Leadership

Who is the programme for?

• Mid-career professional and experienced managers seeking to gain skills which will allow them to shape and lead creative businesses into a future of commercial success in the global marketplace
• Entrepreneurs who want to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to start and lead their own businesses
• Small business owners who want to grow the scope and scale of their companies


Online MSc in Management

Course Description

 The Ashridge Masters in Management:
Are you new to the business world or are you a seasoned professional?