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Ashridge Business School Coaching Courses

Masters in Executive Coaching – Programme details

On this programme, there are five modules altogether but you don’t have to commit to the full degree programme until the end of Module 3. Module 1 is also available as an individual Open Programme. You can choose to do either Coaching for Organisation Consultants or Team Coaching for Consultants. You may choose just to do this module to start with and then sign up for the degree if you would like to go further.

After completing Modules 1 and 2, Module 3 enables you to prepare to become an Accredited Coach with Ashridge Accreditation. This popular certification has been helping coaches to excel since 2002.

The whole programme will take you just over two years to complete part-time. Below is an overview of each module.


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Module overview

Module 1 Options

There are two options for Module 1 and both can also be studied on their own as Open Programmes.

Option 1

Coaching for Organisation Consultants: Running three times per year, this ever-popular programme is for those who wish to develop their One-to- One coaching skills. Teaching is through five two-day workshops over seven months.

Next programme start: 13 March 2017

Option 2

Team Coaching for Consultants: This programme is for executive coaches and consultants who wish to develop their team coaching skills. Teaching is through five two-day workshops over seven months.This programme addresses ethical dilemmas and boundary issues that arise in coaching teams.

Next programme start: 15 November 2017

Module 2 – Reflective Learning Journey

At the start of the programme you receive a copy of the Personal Reflective Journal, which helps you to prepare for and reflect upon each of the workshops in Module 1. The Reflective Learning Journey runs simultaneously with Module 1 and is an exercise in reflecting on practice and integrating the relevant theory.


Module 3 – Become an Accredited Coach

We offer you the regular opportunity of an accreditation preparation session with an accreditor and a few other candidates – experience shows that candidates are much better prepared for the accreditation practicum if they not only study the accreditation booklet but also attend an accreditation preparation session.


Module 4 – Inquiry into the Coaching Profession

This is an explorative journey of four 3-day workshops, facilitated by Ashridge executive coaches, where you meet and work with selected accomplished coaches in the field, most of whom have published widely and teach on other coaching programmes. You will also be offered five coaching supervision sessions to help you further deepen your reflective practice as coach.


Module 5 – Inquiry into Coaching in Action

This is a written assignment in which you are required to undertake an inquiry both into yourself as a professional coach and your work with a specific client (or clients) over the course of the second year of the programme.