Ashridge Business School Change Management

Ashridge Business School Change Management

Executive Masters in Organisational Change

Change agents are facing volatile disruption in the world. This provides risks for many and opportunities for those that can sense, seize and adapt effectively. Many change practitioners have realised that change and innovation is predominantly a socio-technological phenomenon and that the standard approaches don’t work back in their organisations.

This two-year part-time programme has been designed by experienced practitioners to meet the needs of their peers. You will explore different perspectives on organisations, change and new approaches grounded in years of practical experience as well as sound academic research.

Programme content

You will gain a deeper understanding of the global challenges and issues that are shaping the territory of change. You will discover how a change agent can intervene complex systems, co-create cultures of change and innovation for a better world, and be given practical tools to help lead change and innovation back in the workplace.

Ashridge encourages a step change in our participants’ practice based on three things:


Faculty leading the new Change Masters comprise experienced Change practitioners and consultants and are all experts in challenging and supporting individuals. They immerse themselves in the group which instantly creates a supportive, engaging and robust learning environment. While faculty act as facilitators/observers, thy accompany you on your learning journey, rather than being remote specialists. The atmosphere is of debate and dialogue, rather than teaching and telling.

Who is the programme for

The programme is designed for leaders that realise we are going through a period of considerable challenges of disruption and sustainability. Typically participants will be experienced leaders, senior managers, executive coaches, consultants or facilitators. We welcome practitioners who are not interested in imposing change but rather willing to explore new avenues of making ‘good’ change and innovation on a system and organisational level.

Learning environment

This innovative degree offers participants a blending learning experience. It is delivered using a mixture of face-to-face workshops, compulsory online workshops and seminars, and through virtual discussios with other students. Workshops take place at Ashridge, an inspiring environment condusive to reflection and learning, which helps participants to open up to each other and create a community within a short space of time. Time and time again, participants tell us that Ashridge is the ultimate place to reflect and re-charge. In addition, the classrooms are designed to encourage round table discussions and peer-to-peer learning.