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Arts University Bournemouth Research

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At Arts University Bournemouth our flourishing research and scholarship culture celebrates and enables original investigation; extending knowledge fields and developing new understanding within the arts.

Through promoting the pursuit of innovation and creativity we encourage opportunities for establishing and sharing best practice in research and foster the development of critical perspectives that have traditionally lain outside discrete disciplines. We also encourage the use of reflective teaching and learning practices as part of an interactive relationship with research.

Staff research is supported from within Arts University Bournemouth by grants for particular projects and by a Research Fellowship programme offering generous remission from teaching and administration. Researchers are also encouraged to apply for external funding for the full range of research from practice through history and theory.

Recent grants received include those from:

A proactive Research Forum enables staff to present work in progress and to hear, and participate in, discussions of research by distinguished visitors. Training and advice is available to those intending to apply for external funding.

The University occupies a significant position in the cultural nexus of the south west. The University’s own Gallery is an important showcase for creative work and there are established links with other arts institutions in the area.