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Portfolio requirements

Portfolios are a vital component of your application to study at AUB.

This guide is designed to help international students create portfolios that have the right content, that are presented through the correct medium, and above all else, that do justice to the skills and talents of potential AUB students.

In addition to reading the information here, you should visit the main AUB portfolios page to get specific portfolio/audition requirements for each course.

Applicants who are based in the UK or the EU usually attend a formal interview at AUB. We recognise that for many of our international applicants, attending interviews in person is difficult and so we accept digital portfolios and auditions as part of our standard admissions process.

Interviews are not required for international BA/Foundation applicants. As a rule, we talk to all international MA/PhD applicants using Skype or the telephone to ensure that the course is right for the student and that the student is right for course.

Two big things to note about portfolios

The first thing to note is that you should always check the portfolio requirements for the course that you’re applying for. All of our BA courses publish specific guides and you can view these here. MA students are expected to know how to put together a portfolio, but if you want to check that you’re on the right track, you can always email us to ask questions or to show us your portfolio informally for feedback.

The second thing to note is that if you’re not going to be attending an interview in person, you won’t be able to explain the ideas and processes behind your work to the admissions tutor, so it is absolutely vital that you provide background notes on each piece of work detailing process and conceptual thinking.