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Course Overview

Semester Study Abroad courses are for students and professionals who wish to spend time abroad, developing their creative skills and gaining credits towards their university degree, but do not necessarily want to spend 2-3 years in another country.

Students are fully integrated with our BA (Hons) students in an exciting, creative University environment.

This specialist, innovative Semester Study Abroad Modelmaking course is a European leader in the field of modelmaking. It sets out to be challenging, practical and demanding but also to provide a rich, rewarding, fun and vibrant experience. You will develop technical and aesthetic abilities, carrying out a range of challenging and interesting briefs – working both physically and digitally in three dimensions. The course will provide an in-depth experience of materials and their properties, finishes and machining processes.

You will be introduced to creative making, technical processes, material manipulation, mould making, finishing techniques, digital modelling, designing, problem solving and aesthetic understanding. You will look at the fundamentals of computer-generated text and graphics and you will familiarise yourself with the use of CAD in a design environment to become more versatile in a variety of 2D and 3D CAD software. You will investigate the relationship between ideas and practice within modelmaking.

During this course you will further your understanding of the demands of modelmaking in architecture, advertising, media production, exhibition, communication and interactive museum design. You will investigate the opportunity to enhance 3D communication through digital media and further develop the synergy between digital and physical outcomes.

You will be challenged to research and engage in commercial aspects of the creative modelmaking profession. You will be encouraged to explore career and future planning through analysis and self-reflection on your personal direction as well as introducing professional skills of CV production and portfolio design.

Portfolios are required from all prospective candidates who wish to do a Semester Study Abroad course at the Arts University. The portfolio’s purpose is to show us how you communicate and translate ideas visually. Your portfolio will be reviewed by the course leader and a panel who will determine the most appropriate year of study in the course for each candidate.

Other type of programmes, such as bespoke courses are also available. For more information or to apply for a course contact us on +44 1202 853608 or email