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Arts University Bournemouth Bursary

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Bursaries for entry in September 2017

Arts University Bournemouth is pleased to offer part-time fees only bursaries to support PhD research that contributes to its Fashion and Textiles Research Cluster, Documenting the Hidden: Lives of Cloth and Clothing.

The attempt to ‘document’ what might be ‘hidden’ raises important methodological questions about, for example, the nature of textiles / dress (‘cloth / clothing’) as ‘evidence’ of past and present cultures; the articulation of thought processes; ideas regarding what constitutes and classifies art or design; the application of skills to the process of making and manufacture. The notion of ‘documenting’ is explored in relation to how we perceive and understand the subject of our enquiries.

Central to this is analysis of the ways in which the ‘lives’ of cloth and clothing may be hidden. For example, they may be hidden for the following reasons:

– we do not know the maker / makers

– we do not know where or how something was made

– we do not know who ‘consumed’ the item

– we do not know precisely the circumstances in which the item was used or worn

– we do not know the mender or menders who perpetuated the life of the item.

In summary, they are hidden because we do not know the complete life-cycle of the items being considered. Consequently, the histories of these topics have been neglected. Read more

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