Arden University Graduation Ceremony

Arden University Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is a time of celebration. After a few years of study, a number of assessments and often a 10,000 or 12,000 word dissertation, it has all been leading up to this final momentous event.

It’s been one week since the Anglia Ruskin University graduation and we are still recovering from the excitement and emotions that we experienced on the day. Students, family, friends and the RDI team all came together to celebrate this absolutely fantastic occasion.

Students finally had their chance to meet the people that have helped, guided and counselled them during their time as a student.  For the duration that they were enrolled, that person was just at the end of an email or telephone call for them so it was nice for them to see the faces who had supported them for so long.

Students dream of walking across the stage to shake the hand of the vice chancellor or even collecting their scroll. Whatever it maybe, it’s a day of celebration for all.

Congratulations to all the Anglia Ruskin University graduates, class of 2014!

A number of students who have studied through RDI had written an account of their ‘RDI journey’. If you want to share your story with us, email us on