Answers for University of Cambridge International Examinations

Answers for University of Cambridge International Examinations

Cambridge programmes and qualifications

Our international education programmes and qualifications lead seamlessly from primary through to secondary and pre-university years. Our flexible approach means schools can offer every stage of a Cambridge international education, or just focus on specific stages. We offer full support, designed carefully around the curriculum, qualifications, classroom resources and the needs of our global learning community.

Answers for University of Cambridge International Examinations

  1. Curriculum

    Curriculum is at the heart of the learning experience a school offers its learners, and at the heart of the mission and vision of the school. Each Cambridge curriculum develops learners’ understanding, knowledge and skills.

  2. Classroom

    Classroom support and guidance helps teachers and learners perform to their maximum ability. We offer world-class teacher and learner resources, including expert training to support our international education programmes.

  3. Qualifications

    Cambridge qualifications provide learners with a global passport to success. We offer reliable, rigorous and flexible assessment, leading to internationally recognised qualifications.

  4. Community

    Our global learning community of Cambridge schools, teachers and learners brings people closer together to share best practice and ideas and drive excellence in international education.

  5. Bilingual education

    Cambridge qualifications are used in bilingual education programmes around the world. We work with schools to share research-based best practice in bilingual education.

  6. Qualifications for teachers

    We provide practice-based qualifications for teachers and trainers. They are offered in schools and training organisations worldwide.