Anglia Ruskin University Word Count

Anglia Ruskin University Word Count

The Academic Regulations provide the regulatory framework for Anglia Ruskin’s taught undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, setting and maintaining the academic standard of all courses leading to an Anglia Ruskin award at all delivery points including UK and international Associate Colleges.

The Academic Regulations are monitored and maintained by the Academic Regulations Subcommittee (reporting to the Senate’s Quality, Enhancement & Standards Committee). Any proposals for revisions to the Academic Regulations are developed by the Subcommittee and submitted to the Senate for formal approval.


Ninth Edition (July 2016)

The Senate approved amendments to the Academic Regulations in June 2016 and these apply for the 2016/17 academic year:

  • Electronic versions – both of the full document and of individual sections – can be downloaded from the links below;
  • A limited number of printed copies are available for students to consult or collect from Faculty Offices and the iCentres;
  • Printed A5 copies have been distributed to all members of academic staff and relevant support staff at Anglia Ruskin and its network of Associate Colleges;
  • For each section, an alternative accessible format is also provided. These formats are lengthier in terms of page numbers (due to the increased line spacing throughout the text) but the actual text itself is identical in all formats.