Anglia Ruskin University Veterans And Families Institute

Anglia Ruskin University Veterans And Families Institute


Veterans and Families Institute

In April 2014 the Veterans and Families Institute (VFI) was established with the intention of carrying out valuable research, policy development, consultation and teaching relating to veterans and military families.

Since its launch the VFI has worked with military charities, Government agencies and departments, the statutory sector and other universities on a range of research and consultation programmes.

Following a comprehensive review, we’ve identified important areas that have a significant lack of activity, research or evidence-based policies. With a number of national reports calling for better focused research into the impact of military experience on families the need for the development of our institute with a clear focus in this area is even more imperative.

We’ve identified the following areas as being of particular interest for future research and development:

  • impact of military life and transition on children and families
  • at risk and vulnerable service personnel and veterans
  • substance misuse
  • sex and relationships, including sexual abuse
  • bio-psycho-social and spiritual approaches to recovery
  • criminal justice and offending amongst this population
  • access and barriers to services, including those for a range of addictions
  • collation of research
  • national and international collaboration

Our vision

Our primary focus will be on veterans and their families, with the following objectives:

  • to produce and publish world class research, evaluations and reports
  • to influence national policy and practice delivery demonstrably
  • to create an environment for enquiry and innovation
  • to work collaboratively across disciplines and institutions, including all of Anglia Ruskin University’s Faculties and Research Institutes to build on exciting work undertaken by the University’s not-for-profit organisation, Ixion Holdings Ltd
  • to generate continuing income through consultancy and research opportunities
  • to develop a network relationship with individuals and institutions to draw on knowledge and enable innovative proposals for research to be called Veterans Training Research and Education Network (VeTREN)
  • to develop the nationally funded Veterans Research Hub.