Anglia Ruskin University Research Ethics

Anglia Ruskin University Research Ethics

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Why does research require ethical approval?

Research requires ethical approval for a variety of reasons, including:

  • the need to consider ethical issues is likely to help you think about the stages of your research more carefully
  • to help ensure that the rights and welfare of participants have been considered
  • to protect your rights as a researcher to carry out legitimate investigations
  • in order that you are insured to carry the study out
  • to meet the requirements of funding bodies
  • because refereed journals increasingly require evidence of ethical approval before they will publish your work.

Research ethical review is required at Anglia Ruskin for all research involving human participants and also other types of research including relating to animals and habitats, human tissue and risking damaging or disturbing artefacts.

How do I go about getting ethical approval?

All those wishing to conduct research (undergraduate, masters, doctorate and staff) must complete the Stage 1 Research Ethics Application Form and then follow the procedure according to the category (GREEN, YELLOW, RED, PURPLE) your research falls under.

Please refer to our Ethics Policy, Code of Practice – Applying for Ethical Approval and Data Protection Policy

Pilot studies: You will need to obtain ethical approval for pilot studies and then for any subsequent amendments you want to make following this.

Amendments: You will also need to obtain ethical approval for any amendments to your study.

Retrospective approval: Please note that this approval system is not retrospective.

Research involving human tissue or samples

If your research involves human tissue or samples, it is likely to fall under the Human Tissue Act (2004). You will need to check this with Dr Matt Bristow (Dept. of Psychology) in the first instance. ARU can only review research that falls under the Human Tissue Act (2004), if it falls under our Research Licence from the Human Tissue Authority. Otherwise, it can only be legally reviewed by an NHS Research Ethics Committee. Please see Section 6.2 of the Code of Practice – Applying for Ethical Approval for further information.

Research with people over 16 years old who are unable to consent

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) supports and protects people who may be unable to make some decisions.