Anglia Ruskin University Remote Desktop

Anglia Ruskin University Remote Desktop

Our Remote desktop has been designed to enable you to work from anywhere and at any time. Using VMware Horizon Client virtuialisation services, our sector-leading Remote desktop application allows you to access your university documents, folders (H:drive, J:drive) and software applications (Microsoft Office 2013, ASTRA etc.) on your personal PC, Laptop, tablet or even mobile device.
You can access it on campus over eduroam Wi-Fi or off campus over a Wi-Fi or wired internet connection.

Using this software

This service is available to you on all of our campuses (Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough) and at home.
Access to our remote desktop is available to students for the duration of thier studies and to staff for the duration of their employment.

To use the Remote Desktop, you’ll need to install a small client app called VMware Horizon Client, for the best experience you should keep this app up-to-date. The process for downloading the application client is the same for both Student and Staff users. This client can be installed on to any of your personal devices and there is no device limit.

Installing Horizon Client on Windows

Installing Horizon Client on macOS

Installing Horizon Client on Linux

Installing Horizon Client on iOS

Installing Horizon Client on Android and Kindle Fire

Installing Horizon Client on Chrome OS

Using Horizon Client

Logging out of Horizon Client