Anglia Ruskin University Physician Associate

Anglia Ruskin University Physician Associate

Physicians’ Associates are in demand because of a shortfall in the number of doctors; they diagnose, treat and care for patients in a variety of specialist settings. If you have a first degree in life or health sciences, our MSc will train you in a wide range of clinical skills.

Full description

As a physician associate, you’ll fill an important clinical role. You’ll be able to take a patient’s history, perform physical examinations and request and interpret diagnostic test results. You’ll be able to diagnose illnesses; develop treatment and management plans; perform therapeutic procedures; prescribe medication (subject to legislation); and undertake patient education, counselling and health promotion.

Our Masters degree will help you develop a range of skills relating to the cardiovascular, respiratory and gastro-intestinal systems; the eyes, ears, nose and throat; the skin; and the renal, genitourinary, male and female reproductive systems. You’ll learn to become a caring, capable, knowledgeable and research-aware physician’s associate, with high-level clinical and communication skills.

Your study will be divided equally between theory and practice. Besides lectures, tutorials, practical workshops, role play and simulated skills work on campus, you’ll complete a programme of clinical placement rotations in hospital wards, outpatient settings and general practice across the East of England in the following clinical specialties (minimum hours in brackets):

  • obstetrics and gynaecology (90 hours)
  • paediatrics in an acute setting (90 hours)
  • community-based medicine (180 hours)
  • general surgery (90 hours)
  • general hospital medicine (350 hours)
  • mental health (90 hours).

This is an intensive and challenging course – but one which offers its own, significant rewards.

For September 2017 the curriculum is being aligned to the developing role of the Physician Associate. This is to ensure that our students are fully prepared for employment on their graduation.

Senior Lecturer: Eqramur Rahman
Senior Lecturer: Jade Moore