Anglia Ruskin University Of London

Anglia Ruskin University Of London

A quality alternative to the traditional university

Quality, Affordability, Employability encapsulates our approach to higher education at ARU London.

Anglia Ruskin University is an innovative university that was recently named in Times Higher Education as the only university in the UK to be a ‘rising star’ and one of the institutions predicted to be challenging the global elite by 2030*.

Studying at Anglia Ruskin University ensures that academic standards and the quality of learning opportunities built into your degree course are at the highest level. We ensure that not only are our lecturers academically highly qualified, but they also boast significant real-world business experience. That’s why all our lecturers are currently working or have worked within the sector they teach. Ensuring students don’t just receive theoretical knowledge from their textbooks but also valuable practical examples. Perhaps most important of all, they are all great lecturers – adept at communicating their expertise in a lively, informative way that encourages students.

In a recent analysis of student satisfaction, Anglia Ruskin University London (ARUL) students rated their satisfaction as higher than any other Faculty, with an overall satisfaction rate of 8.3 out of a possible 10.

At ARU London we’re committed to supporting our students to succeed in their studies; we’re determined to help you realise your full potential.


We’ve structured our degrees to be taught across a unique two to three day timetable. Our timetable won’t only cut down on your travel costs making your Travel Bursary go further but will also allow you to find meaningful part-time work throughout your studies. Therefore, ARU London students can begin saving towards their tuition fee or living costs immediately and have the opportunity to graduate with little to no outstanding loan.


There’s a few things to know about academic books; they’re big, they’re heavy and they’ll help you pass your degree. Something you might not know is they’re also very expensive. ARU London knows the price tags of your reading materials can be a burden and that is why we support our students by supplying the core textbook for each of your modules for free.