Anglia Ruskin University Interview Questions

Anglia Ruskin University Interview Questions

Tips for interview success

How to be successful in your interview at Anglia Ruskin University: here you’ll find information from all our faculties as well as some general pointers and suggestions.

Be successful at interview

Before the day

If we feel that your entry requirements and personal statement match what we’re looking for, then you’ll be invited for an interview for certain courses.

You’ll be sent an email inviting you to log into our Applicant Portal to view and accept your interview invitation. You’ll also be able to see if you need to upload any documents in the Portal, such as copies of your passport or certificates, and information about the interview session. This will include details of what you need to bring on the day, such as photo ID. Ensure that you have these prepared beforehand so that you’re all ready to go on the morning of your interview.

Another thing to bear in mind is to plan your route. We don’t offer any car parking at our campuses, so it’s vital you organise your travel beforehand. Park and rides may be the way forward, or public transport might be easier for you in order to avoid peak-hour traffic. Prepare your options beforehand – you don’t want to be any more stressed on the day!

Find out more about travelling to our campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough.

On the day

The aim of the interview is to assess if you’re the right candidate for the course; that you are the person that your personal statement leads us to believe and that you can also communicate and cope well in different situations. Make sure you aim to arrive ten or even 15 minutes early.

Dos and don’ts

  • Do prepare
  • Do be on time
  • Do smile – the interviewers want to see that you are enthusiastic about the day as well as the course
  • Do let our Admissions Team know if you have any specific requirements (eg, learning support needs)
  • Do look smart – the jogging bottoms and trainers look doesn’t come across too well
  • Do listen to other students – what are they saying about the university?
  • Do look around the university; does it suit you? would you fit in there? Remember that this will be your new home for the next three years, so it has to feel right
  • Don’t learn exact answers – it shows!
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable clothing – you don’t want to be focused on what you’re wearing more than what you’re saying