Anglia Ruskin University Human Resources

Anglia Ruskin University Human Resources

HR Services, Our Mission

Our service mission is to be:

  • a trusted partner, enabling the achievement of excellence

We will do this by:

  • using best practice from within and beyond the sector;
  • working alongside Deans and Directors as facilitators and critical friends, rather than gatekeepers and regulators;
  • ensuring that employees and managers have ready access to a range of quality HR services which are relevant, reliable, responsive and cost effective.

HR Strategy, Policy and Planning

  • Contribute to corporate HR strategy and planning processes to meet our Corporate Plan.
  • Develop ‘best-fit’ policies and procedures; implement, monitor and review at least triennially

Recruitment and Selection

  • Provide a comprehensive advice and administration service, from advertising to appointment, for all full-time and fractional appointments across the organisation.
  • Make appointment offers and complete employment documentation.

Employment Contract Administration

  • Administer probationary procedures.
  • Monitor temporary contracts and initiate and action review procedures.
  • Implement changes to current contracts, and process leavers.

Pay and Benefits

  • Manage pay and grading structures.
  • Initiate and update payroll transactions.
  • Administer occupational pension schemes and other employee benefits.

Training and Development

  • Identify training and development needs and source provision.
  • Provide Corporate induction programmes.
  • Facilitate IiP accreditation.
  • Administer corporate training provision..

HR Information and Records

  • Determine and maintain HR records.
  • Provide ad hoc information internally.
  • Complete information and statistical returns for external agencies.

Employee Relations

  • Contribute to individual and collective consultations and negotiations.
  • Apply collective agreements.
  • Advise managers and staff on employment matters.
  • Participate in disciplinary, grievance and disputes procedures.

Employee Communications

  • Plan, develop and advise on employee communications.
  • Annually review and update Staff Handbooks, etc.

Health and Welfare

  • Liaise with managers, staff and specialists on occupational health matters.
  • Provide employee support and access to Employee Assistance Programme.

Special Projects

  • Undertake specific, time limited projects in support of organisational development and change.

Professional Advice

  • Help managers with people management.
  • Work with others to effect change.


  • Manage and develop HR staff (including CPD).
  • Manage and administer HR budget.
  • Plan and evaluate HR activities.


We provide a wide range of human resource services.

Our team has: –

  • extensive experience of working in Human Resources
  • professional qualifications in the human resources field
  • extensive and up-to-date knowledge of employment legislation
  • knowledge and experience of current good practice
  • ability to provide advice and support that is objective and relevant
  • an understanding of the higher education environment

The service is delivered to customers from our two main campuses in Chelmsford and Cambridge. Professional staff offering specialist advice and support operate across both campuses. General HR work, including recruitment and contract/pay administration, is carried out primarily in Chelmsford. Our in-house training is delivered at Chelmsford and Cambridge.

We are committed to: –

  • treating our customers with courtesy and respect at all times
  • responding promptly to all enquiries made by telephone, email, post, fax, or in person to our offices
  • ensuring accuracy of administration
  • respecting and maintaining confidentiality
  • equality of opportunity in employment
  • updating our skills through continuous professional development
  • regularly and systematically seeking, listening to and acting upon the views of our customers.