Anglia Ruskin University Departments

Anglia Ruskin University Departments

There are 5 Faculties of study at Anglia Ruskin University, each led by a Dean. Faculties may be further sub-divided into departments or schools.

Overall university management is effected via the Office of the Vice Chancellor and support for academic and professional activities via Support Units.


Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences

Anglia Law School

Cambridge School of Art

Department of English and Media

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Music and Performing Arts

Anglia Ruskin University Language Centre

Lord Ashcroft International Business School

Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education

Faculty of Health Social Care & Education – information for current students (password required)

Department of Acute Care

Department of Allied Health and Medicine

Department of Education

Department of Family and Community Studies

Department of Primary and Public Health

Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Biomedical and Forensic Sciences

Department of Engineering and the Built Environment

Department of Computing and Technology

Department of Life Sciences

Department of Psychology

Department of Vision and Hearing Sciences