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Photograph of Yvonne Rinkart.

Yvonne Rinkart

Bachelor (Joint Honours) International Politics and English, Aberystwyth University
MScEcon (Research Training) in Postcolonial Politics, Aberystwyth University

Tel: +44 (0)1970 623111 ext 1768
Fax: +44 (0)1970 622709
Email: ykr9@aber.ac.uk
Room: 2.21

Year of Entry



Professor Jenny Edkins (International Politics), Professor Peter Merriman (Geography and Earth Sciences)



My work is located between the disciplines of International Politics and Human Geography. I also teach on the core module of the Masters in Politics, Media and Performance, a joint programme between the Department of International Politics and the Department of Theatre, Film and Television.

My thesis specifically is concerned with the politics of social space in the context of globalisation. It builds on the view that space is not simply a “container” for society, but rather it is shaped by social interaction. In particular, I investigate how social space can be conceptualised on a global scale, especially in the context of globalisation and the spatial transformations attributed to it.

I identify international airports as crucial examples of these global social interactions. Understudied in International Politics despite their importance to global flows of people and commerce, airports make a crucial contribution to globalisation and they are a space where globalisation may become particularly apparent. They are also of great impact on all other spatial levels from the local to the national, and they may provide insights into the relation between those levels.

General Research Interests

Politics of Space
Globalisation and Transportation
Interdisciplinary Approaches

Publications and Conference Papers

‘Cleaning the Mobility Machine: Terminal Cleaners’ Contribution to the Production of Airport Space’. Presentation at the Gregynog Ideas Lab IV, Gregynog Hall, July 2015.

‘Airborne Disease: Fear of the Aeromobile Other’. Presentation with Matthew Campbell (Aberystwyth) at the Aberystwyth Lancaster Graduate Colloquium. Aberystwyth, May 2015

‘The Border that was not. Or was it?’. Presentation at the 2015 Political Geography Speciality Group Preconference. DePaul University, April 2015.

‘Airport Stories – Integrating other people’s experiences in my research ‘, Paper presented at the Postpone (Postgraduate Post-structural and Critical Network) Peer-Review Workshop, King’s College London, October 2014.

‘Taking the Doppelgänger for a Walk – Challenges of Identity Construction at Modern Airports’, Paper presented at The Stories We Tell Ourselves – Postgraduate Conference of the Department of English and Creative Writing, Aberystwyth University, May 2014.

‘”Practicing Heathrow” – The Spatial Practice of Globalisation’, Paper presented a the 12th Annual Aberystwyth-Lancaster Colloquium, Warwick University, June 2014.

‘Poetry Slum – Negotiating Liminality in a Kolkata Slum’, Paper presented at Liminal Space – Exploring the In-between – Postgraduate Conference of the Department of English and Creative Writing, Aberystwyth University, April 2013.

‘Falling as a State of the Present – A Žižekian Analysis of the Falling Man’, Paper presented at the 10th Annual Aberystwyth-Lancaster Graduate Colloquium, Keele University, June 2012.

‘Being T(here) – Notions of Space and Language in Contemporary Poetry’, Paper presented at Are we there yet? Remapping Literary Imagination – Postgraduate Conference of the Department of English and Creative Writing, Aberystwyth University, April 2012.


Funding Awards

Full Economic and Social Research Council Doctoral Scholarship (1+3 Award)

Professional Membership


Operational support for Critical and Cultural Politics (CCP) Research Group

Operational support for Aberystwyth PostInternational Group (APIG)

Student Representative for ESRC students in Aberystwyth.

Yvonne can also be contacted with questions about the Greygnog Ideas Lab (http://gregynog.blogspot.co.uk/) under gregynogideaslab@gmail.co.uk.