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Aberystwyth University Welsh

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies at Aberystwyth University.

The Department provides an excellent environment for the study of Welsh language, literature and culture, as well as Celtic Studies. Indeed, Aberystwyth offers unique opportunities for its students to learn Breton, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Welsh. As well as BA schemes in Welsh and Professional Welsh, we also offer BA degrees in Irish Language and Literature (available through the medium of Welsh and English), Celtic Studies and Welsh and the Celtic Languages.

Our Department scores consistently high in all aspects covered by the National Student Survey (NSS). In the most receent survey, our students rated our teaching at 100% and also gave us a rating of 100% for overall satisfaction.

Our lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops and work placements are informed by both traditional and innovative methods of teaching and assessment. While each scheme has a core of compulsory modules, you can choose from a wide range of optional modules that reflect the research expertise of current staff. We are confident that you will find our modules interesting and sufficiently challenging, and that our BA schemes will open several fulfilling career paths for you. Graduates in Welsh and Celtic Studies go on to a variety of careers in academia, teaching, administration, the heritage industry, the media and the public sector, both here and abroad.

Our graduate employment record speaks for itself: the figure currently stands at 100%

The Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies is also noted for being a friendly and supportive place to study. Our current students have joined us from all over Wales, the UK and Ireland, as well as further afield. Welsh is the everyday language of the Department and of much of the surrounding area, and new speakers are given every possible encouragement to use the language to the best of their ability.