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On this website you will see a wide range of courses at all levels. We will endeavour to provide suitable and convenient courses. As well as weekly fast-track and slower paced courses, we offer Saturday schools and longer courses during holiday periods.

We have a great team of dedicated tutors to help you learn Welsh. There are also opportunities for you to practise speaking Welsh in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, with other learners and fluent Welsh speakers.

If you are an employer, our specialist team can discuss with you how we can work together to run effective programmes to help your staff to learn or hone their Welsh, enabling you to offer a bilingual service to your customers.
Aberystwyth University has been appointed by the National Centre for Learning Welsh to provide all Welsh courses in Powys. We work with our partner Ceredigion County Council to provide all courses in Ceredigion. Aberystwyth University provides all intensive (4 hours a week) Welsh courses in Carmarthenshire.

Carmarthenshire County Council provides all other Welsh for Adults Courses in Carmarthenshire.

The National Centre for Learning Welsh is a national body responsible for all aspects of the Welsh for Adults education programme. It operates as a body at arm’s length from Government and has a clear vision for the future.

The Centre will:

– be a visible institution setting a national strategic direction for the Welsh for Adults sector
– provide leadership for Welsh for Adults providers
– raise standards in teaching and learning in Welsh for Adults
– develop an engaging, appropriate and high quality national curriculum and produce resources suitable for all kinds of learners.

If you call 0800 876 6975, we will offer information and advice, and we will do our best to answer all your questions.