Aberystwyth University VPN

Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University VPN

Virtual Private Networking creates a connection between your own computer and the University network, so that your computer looks as though it is on-campus.

This gives you access to electronic information resources; allows you to connect to your University filestore (M drive); check your University email through an email handler, for example Outlook and remote desk to your office computer (staff only).

It does not give you access to the desktop and software available in the computer rooms.

In using VPN you are bound by the Information Services Regulations and Guidelines and before setting it up you should read our VPN policy

To use VPN you will need a computer with an internet connection and an account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Instructions for setting up VPN vary according to your operating system:

Once you have set up your VPN connection an Aber VPN shortcut icon will appear on your desktop. Whenever you wish to access Aberystwyth University resources you should first connect to the Internet using your usual ISP and then click on the Aber VPN shortcut icon. Once successfully connected you should be able to access electronic resources, your M drive , your University email and your office desktop as though you were on campus.

If you have any problems with your VPN connection please see our troubleshooting page.