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UMCA has existed since 1973 and it was set up specifically to safeguard the rights and interests of Welsh language students at the University and to campaign on their behalf.

UMCA represents its members socially, linguistically and educationally. The UMCA office is located in Pantycelyn Hall for the convenience of the members!

UMCA was established during turbulent times for the Welsh language movement. Setting up such a union was a huge step forward in the struggle for Welsh language rights. By now, UMCA has grown to become a highly influential organisation with a voice and representation on some of the University’s main boards, chambers and meetings.

During the past few years, we have ensured that the University and the Students’ Union has a bilingualism policy, which means that the Union and the University produces everything bilingually, thus giving the Welsh language equal status with English, so that it’s part of every Aberystwyth student’s life. We also provide Welsh lessons to those who wish to learn the language free of charge and communicate with students from other countries about the Welsh language.

Your student years are an opportunity to accumulate fond memories, and UMCA sets out to ensure satisfaction year on year.

For more information, or to join up, contact the UMCA President, Rhun Wmffre Dafydd on 01970621739, umca@aber.ac.uk or call in at the office in Pantycelyn (next door to the main lounge!).

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