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The Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies, part of the Institute of Arts and Humanities, is uniquely located to provide high-quality learning, teaching and research opportunities for students drawn from the populations of Wales, the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. As one of the largest and most significant Departments of its kind, its historic mission is to address the diverse needs and aspirations of its stakeholders and constituents. The Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies plays a key role in developing talented individuals who go on to excel within the Creative Industries.

National Student Satisfaction at TFTS

  • 92% student satisfaction for our Drama and Theatre Studies degree scheme (NSS 2016)
  • 94% student satisfaction  for our Film and Television Studies degree scheme (NSS 2016)
  • 91% student satisfaction for our Media and Communication Studies degree scheme (NSS 2016)
  • Top 15 in the UK for student satisfaction in the subject area of Media and Communication (NSS 2016)
  • Top 10 in the UK for student satisfaction  in the subject area of Cinematics (NSS 2016)

Aberystwyth University’s Theatre, Film and Television Studies Department has been given an impressive overall satisfaction rating of 91% in the 2016 National Student Survey (NSS), significantly higher than the UK figure of 86%.

Film and Television Studies was given a high rating of 92% which is 14 percentage points higher than the UK sector-wide figure of 78% and puts Aberystwyth in the top ten across the UK for overall satisfaction with the subject. Media Studies mirrored this success with its top 15 UK ranking.

In addition to the Department’s overall success, three of its key and most popular undergraduate degree courses also achieved ratings of over 90% for overall satisfaction rating; W620, Film and Television Studies, W400 Drama and Theatre Studies and Media And Communication Single Honours schemes.  The Drama curriculum group were thrilled to achieve a 94% with the teaching on the course and the whole department was extremely proud that the satisfaction for overall management and organisation had increased by 29 points from last year’s scores. We are proud to be pushing the national and UK boundaries for student satisfaction and look forward to another year of success with our current and incoming cohort of students.