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Aberystwyth University Student Record

Student Records and Certification Office

Changing a Module, Study Scheme or Mode of Study.

You must complete a Change of Registration Form, available to download and print from your student record on the web or from the Undergraduate Issues Web Site under the Forms section.  Alternatively these forms are also available from your department or the Academic Quality and Records Office. The completed form must be signed by you and your department then returned to the Academic Quality and Records Office (address below) for processing.

Changing an Address or Name or other Personal Details.

You can make changes to your address and personal details on-line at student record using the ‘Personal’ link at the top of your ‘Home’ page.  Most changes can be made freely and will take place immediately however a change of name may require you to provide the Academic Quality and Records Office, Undergraduate Computer Records Section with official documentation to prove your new name.  If this is required you will be asked by email to provide it.  Change of names are normally processed within 5 working days.

Reporting an Error on your ‘Student Record’

If you notice an error on student record and you are unable to change it yourself you can contact the Academic Quality and Records Office, Undergraduate Records Section by either clicking on the ‘report a problem’ link at the bottom of the page or alternatively email us on ugfstaff@aber.ac.uk .

Other Activities Which Take Place via your ‘Student Record’.

During certain times of the year you will be asked to log on to student record to take part in:

These will all appear at the appropriate time under the ‘Tasks’ heading on the right hand side of your ‘Home’ page.  Please ensure you visit your student record regularly.