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Aberystwyth University Societies

We have over 200 sports clubs & social societies offering something for everyone. If you can’t find a club or society that interests you then we can help you set up your own!

Becoming a member of a club or society provides you with an excellent opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills, broaden your horizons, pursue an existing hobby or find a new one, and make the most of your time at Aberystwyth.

  • Aber Car Enthusiasts

    Aber Car Enthusiasts logo This is a Society dedicated to car enthusiasts from within and around Aberystwyth University. Everyone is welcome, car owner or just car enthusiasts – it doesn’t matter.

  • Aber Ice

    Aber Ice logo Aber Ice is a friendly and welcoming society that concerns itself with all aspects of ice sports. Whether a hardcore hockey fan or just intrigued come and give us a try!

  • Aber Pride

    Aber Pride logo AberPride is the university LGBT* Society. We are here to provide you with a safe space in which you can identify as whomever you feel comfortable. No matter where on the spectrum you fit, join us!

  • Aber Student Media

    Aber Student Media logo ASM is the integrated student media organisation for Aberystwyth. We produce The Courier, Bay Radio, and Bay TV.

  • AberBSL

    Aberystwyth’s only British Sign Language Course, teaching the basics of conversational BSL at levels 1 and 2 in a 12 week course.

  • AberCompSoc

    AberCompSoc logo We are AberCompSoc, the society for those interested in all things Computer Science!

  • Abercoustic

    Abercoustic logo Abercoustic is a contemporary a Capella choir. We’re a fun and active group of musically minded people, who perform all over Aberystwyth. We audition twice a year in September, and January.

  • AberMaCS

    AberMaCS logo The society for anyone interested in costume creation, make-up application or hair design. Socials, tutorials, photoshoots and work on external projects.

  • Aberture Photography Society

    Aberture Photography Society logo The Aberture Photography Society is a new society, dedicated to supporting and developing a variety of photography as a means for creative expression, through the use of workshops and events.

  • Aberystwyth Beer Pong Society

    Aberystwyth Beer Pong Society logo Where beer pong players of all skill levels come together and enjoy a couple games of beer pong for fun socials every Wednesday.

  • Aberystwyth Cartoon and Comic Society

    Aberystwyth Cartoon and Comic Society logo We’re the Cartoons and Comics society! We do showings of various cartoons and movies, of anything related to either cartoons or comics and we do art workshops! So come along and have some fun!

  • Aberystwyth Food Society (FoodSoc)
  • Aberystwyth LINKS St John – Cymru Wales

    Aberystwyth LINKS St John - Cymru Wales logo Aberystwyth LINKS St John Cymru – Wales is the university’s only first aid society. We provide first aid training, as well as provide first aid cover for events. Society of the year 15/16.

  • Aberystwyth Muslim Students Society
  • Aberystwyth Polonia

    Aberystwyth Polonia logo Our aim is to promote Polish culture, traditions and history to the University community. We also support current and prospective Polish students.

  • Aberystwyth Quilliam Society
  • Aberystwyth Sustainability Society

    Aberystwyth Sustainability Society logo MEETINGS: Every other Thursday, 6pm at Taste cafe Aberystwyth.

  • Aberystwyth University Banking Investment Society

    Aberystwyth University Banking Investment Society logo Interested in investments, accounting, finance? This society is for you! If you want to share your knowledge, experience or just listen to fellow students, then come and join us!

  • Aberystwyth University Chess Club

    Aberystwyth University Chess Club logo Chess for all levels with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Come join us for puzzles, consultations and training sessions in the art centre with beginners encouraged

  • Aberystwyth University Coast Care
  • Aberystwyth Young Independence Society
  • ACV Conservation Volunteers

    ACV Conservation Volunteers logo Aberystwyth Conservation Volunteers organize conservation tasks every weekend of term, and Wednesday afternoons in our Campus Garden! We also have socials every Thursday. Everyone is welcome 🙂

  • African Caribbean Society

    African Caribbean Society logo Aber’s ACS is a diverse student society with a goal to unite students of different backgrounds to appreciate, promote and celebrate the African and Caribbean cultures in its ethnicity.

  • Agriculture Society
  • Airsoft

    Airsoft logo Aber Airsoft is a new society for those that love to play / experience Airsoft . We have a thriving community dedicated to helping each other and furthering the quickly emerging sport.

  • Amnesty

    Amnesty logo An affiliate of Amnesty International, we connect, petition and inform people of human rights abuses around the world. We host gigs and speakers as well as writing letters and petitioning.

  • Ang Soc (Aber Uni Anglican Society)
  • Anime

    Anime logo We are AberAnime! If you like to watch Anime from Japan, or want to just try something new, then this is the place to be! We cater to all tastes and genres.

  • Art Society

    Art Society logo Aber Art Society is a friendly and creative society that caters for all abilities. Art Students or those who just have a keen interest are all welcome! As are people that purely just want to have fun!

  • Atheists, Secularists and Humanists

    Atheists, Secularists and Humanists logo Catering for the needs of the heathens and the ungodly at Aberystwyth University! Doing debates, speakers and occasional beer-fuelled discussions since 2012.

  • Biochemistry Society

    Biochemistry Society logo A society for biochemists, geneticists, and all lovers of molecular biology. Run regular socials, alongside providing lectures and help with assignments and revision.

  • Biology Society

    Biology Society logo We are a society for any Aber student with a love of flora and fauna, regardless of what subject you do.

  • British Film and Television Society

    British Film and Television Society logo Meets every Wednesday to watch a film or television show chosen by all members of the society!

  • Broad-Ways Theatre & Film

    Broad-Ways Theatre & Film logo ‘Broad-Ways’ is a student based drama society that aims to create brand new, original works for both stage and screen.

  • Card Society

    Card Society logo Aber CardSoc is a casual, though occasionally competitive group centered around the playing of various card-games, such as Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon.

  • Catholic

    Catholic logo A home from home, and a community for all Catholic students studying in Aberystwyth. We welcome all who wish to learn about the Catholic Faith, to socialise, to pray and to grow in the love of Christ.

  • Change Ringers

    Change Ringers logo We ring the bells at St Padarn’s Church in Llanbadarn Fawr. We practise every Thursday evening from 19.30 to 21.00. Anyone at the university is more than welcome to join us.

  • Cheese, Fine Wine and Whiskey Society
  • Childreach International
  • Chinese Culture Society

    We are a society for inter-cultural communication between Chinese students and anyone who has a keen interest in Chinese culture through various events.

  • Christian Union

    Christian Union logo To give every student at Aberystwyth University the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news about Jesus Christ.

  • Cocktail Society
  • Community of Gamers

    Community of Gamers logo We’re Aberystwyth Community of Gamers (ACOG) and we’re a Video gaming society in Aberystwyth. We hold monthly tournaments and weekly socials. www.abercog.co.uk

  • Comp Sci Society
  • Conservative Future

    Conservative Future logo Aberystwyth University Conservative Future is an active political society for all those interested in Tory politics and policies, as well as regular events such as high profile speakers and debates.

  • Criminology

    Criminology logo If you find serial killers, how the mind of a delinquent works, discussing crime as a social construct, criticizing laws interesting; feel free to join!

  • Crisis Games Society

    Crisis Games Society logo The Aberystywth Crisis Games Society (AberCGS) run a series of Crisis Games throughout the academic year modeled off the highly successful InterPol Department Games.

  • Curtain Call

    Curtain Call logo Curtain Call aims to bring Musical Theatre of the highest calibre to all Aberystwyth students. https://twitter.com/Curtain_Call_MT https://www.facebook.com/curtaincallaberystwyth

  • Cymdeithas Cyfryngau Cymraeg
  • Cymdeithas Cymraeg ac Astudiaethau Celtaidd Prifysgol Aberystwyth // Aberystwyth University Welsh and Celtic Studies Society
  • Cymdeithas Gofal – The Care Society
  • Cymdeithas Gymraeg Ail Iaith
  • Debating Society

    Debating Society logo The Debating Union has been turning timid freshers into fierce public speakers since 1872. We meet weekly and travel to tournaments across Britain and the rest of the world, no experience necessary.

  • Disney Society

    Disney Society logo We’re interested in all things Disney, so if you are too, this is the society for you.

  • Doctor Who Society (Aberwhovian)

    Doctor Who Society (Aberwhovian) logo AberWhovian, the official Doctor Who society of Aberystwyth University. For fans of all things Doctor Who.

  • Economics Society

    Economics Society logo The official society for those interested in Economics and current affairs at Aberystwyth University. We welcome all disciplines of study!

  • Education Society

    Education Society logo A friendly society for students from all departments; our aim is provide a safe and happy community for those who wish to pursue a career in working with young people.

  • Elizabethan Madrigal Singers

    Elizabethan Madrigal Singers logo We’re the University Chamber Choir which sings a variety of traditional madrigals, folk songs and more.

  • English & Creative Writing

    English & Creative Writing logo We are the English and Creative Writing Society! Your student committee is here to explain and entertain, to plan and expand, to think and drink.

  • Erasmus & European Languages Society

    Erasmus & European Languages Society logo The Aberystwyth Erasmus Society is for current, previous or future Erasmus students and lovers of Europe.

  • Exploding Fish

    Exploding Fish logo We are a drama society dedicated to all things Improvisation, Devising and Street Theatre!

  • Fantasy & Science Fiction

    Fantasy & Science Fiction logo Fantasy and Sci-fi is a group of people who meet up every Wednesday and Friday to share our passion for the genres we love so much. We have regular showings of films and TV shows.

  • Feminist Society

    Feminist Society logo Alternating topical discussion-based meetings and fun themed socials, we aim to address feminist issues and campaign to raise awareness.

  • Film and Television Production Society
  • Film Society
  • French Society

    A warm and welcoming society open to anyone interested in France and the wider francophone world. We aim to provide a friendly atmosphere in which to improve our collective understanding and appr…

  • Geography

    Geography logo For anyone studying Geography, with an interest in Geography or just enjoys meeting new people and having a good time. We arrange weekly socials, trips throughout the year and educational events,…

  • German Society

    German Society logo Studying German, a native speaker of German or interested in German(y)? Then this fun, active and welcoming society is for you! See the description for what we have planned – hope to see you there!

  • Green Party Students (Young Greens)

    Green Party Students (Young Greens) logo The Green Party are a group of students dedicated to the spreading and promotion of Green Party policies.

  • History

    History logo The History Society is a group of like-minded students with a desire to get the most out of their time at university. It’s a great place to meet new people and make university amazing!

  • Information Society
  • Inter Pol

    Inter Pol logo IPS is the official society of the International Politics Department here at Aberystwyth. It aims to help you when you need it most, be it academic or social.

  • International Film Society (IFS)

    International Film Society (IFS) logo We are a society for anyone interested in international film culture and languages from across the globe. Newcomers always welcome, just come along and try it out!

  • Irish Society
  • Kaotica Wargames

    Kaotica Wargames logo Kaotica Wargames is a friendly and active society for those who roll dice! With 2 sessions and a social every week, and games ranging from 40K to Dystopian Wars to Saga, you’ll be sure to find a game!

  • Knit Soc

    Knit Soc logo We are the society for knitters, crocheters and needleworkers! KnitSoc is open to everyone with an interest in yarn crafts, whether you’re an expert or an absolute beginner.

  • Labour Students

    Labour Students logo Aber Labour Students are united by a desire for equality, fairness and social justice. We run wide ranging campaigns and enjoy regular socials.

  • Law Society

    Law Society logo Are you studying Law? Do you have a keen interest in Law? Or do you want to meet others that are studying Law? The Aberystwyth Law Society welcomes everyone, so come and try us!

  • Liberal Democrats

    Liberal Democrats logo Aberystwyth Students and Young Liberals, working for a stronger economy and a fairer society

  • Live Music Society
  • Make a Wish Foundation

    Make a Wish Foundation logo Fundraising society raising money for Make-A-Wish Foundation UK!

  • Malaysian Society
  • Mathematics Society

    Mathematics Society logo The only society that counts!

  • Medieval History
  • Medieval Re-enactment Society

    Medieval Re-enactment Society logo Help bring history to life in a historically accurate, engaging and exciting way. There are regular training sessions, social meet-ups and craft workshops for you to come to throughout the year!

  • Methodist Society

    Methodist Society logo A society for everyone because God loves everyone: Aber MethSoc are a group of friendly students, exploring Christianity in a relaxed environment – we’re not just for Methodists!

  • Model United Nations

    Model United Nations logo Aberystwyth Model United Nations (AberMUN) is a society where International Diplomacy comes alive! A society open to all students, of any academic background or subject focus.

  • Modelzone
  • Muslim Society
  • Nature Society

    Nature Society logo NatureSoc, for ALL lovers of nature regardless of what you’re studying. Trips and socials themed for mammals, birds, marine, inverts and plants or even just a walk in the countryside!

  • Nightline
  • Nomadic Players

    Nomadic Players logo The ‘Nomads’ are a Drama society at Aberystwyth University dedicated to making quality performances in a friendly atmosphere!

  • Organic Food Co-op

    Organic Food Co-op logo We believe that organic food tastes better, is more sustainable and ultimately better for the environment and us. We also believe that is should be affordable and available to everyone.

  • Paintball

    Paintball logo A club for everyone who’s played paintball or wants to play paintball

  • Physics and Astronomy Society

    Physics and Astronomy Society logo We are the Physics and Astronomy society of Aberystwyth university. Here to have a great time, enjoy ourselves, and make friends with like-minded interests. Come along and join in!

  • Phyte Club
  • Pirate Society
  • Plaid Cymru

    Plaid Cymru logo Cymdeithas Fyfyrwyr Plaid Cymru Ifanc Prifysgol Aberystwyth / Aberystwyth University Plaid Cymru Youth Society

  • Poker Society

    Poker Society logo We play every Sunday afternoon starting from 4pm in the union main room. See facebook group for more details.

  • Pole Fitness Society

    Pole Fitness Society logo Want to try a great, fun way to get fit? Pole fitness combines many forms of exercise from dance to gymnastics, acrobatics to strength training. Come along and try Pole!

  • Pool and Snooker Society

    Pool and Snooker Society logo Free pool every Tuesday and Wednesday and a prize money tournament every Sunday. Check the Facebook page for more information. www.facebook.com/groups/AberPool/

  • Psychology Society

    Psychology Society logo The Psychology Society is mostly for those who study the subject, but those who have an interest are more than welcome! As always for us, it costs you nothing to join!

  • Real Ale Society

    Real Ale Society logo The Aberystwyth University Real Ale Society This is the University’s only society dedicated to beer – specifically Real Ale. We go to pubs both in Aber and in the rest of Ceredigion, visit brewer…

  • Roc Soc

    Roc Soc logo The ONLY place in Aberystwyth for goth, rock, industrial and metal! A place for fans of all alternative genres to meet and enjoy Aberystwyth with nights out, gigs and many other little surprises.

  • Save the Children

    Save the Children logo A society that works to raise awareness and funds for Save the Children through fundraising events and socials

  • Scottish Reeling Dance Society

    The purpose of the society is to teach and encourage students to learn Scottish Dancing, (particularly Reeling) and provide a great environment and opportunity for them to meet other people.


    SKINS logo We are a fund raising charity supporting a community-based organisation in Mombasa, Kenya. The charity is called Joy Rescue Project.

  • Socialist Students of Aberystwyth
  • SSAGO (Scouts and Guides)

    SSAGO (Scouts and Guides) logo MSAGM Aber SSAGO (Student Scout and Guide Organisation) has been running since 2004 and runs many activities:socials, walks, camping, BBQs, film nights and more! Many members help at the local groups.

  • Student Minds Aberystwyth

    Student Minds Aberystwyth logo Our aim is to promote mental health well-being across the University campus, offering activities and services for both students affected by mental health and their supporters.

  • The Aberystwyth Theatre Alternative TATA
  • The Biz

    The Biz logo The Biz is the society of the Aberystwyth Business School, although we are open to all students interested in exciting enterprise opportunities, trips, and fun weekly socials!

  • The TFTS Society
  • Tickled Pink

    Tickled Pink logo Tickled Pink – CoppaFeel!s Aberystwyth Uni Boob Team are a fundraising and awareness society for the charities CoppaFeel! And Breast Cancer Care, we do this in various fun ways and hold weekly socials

  • Travel Society

    Travel Society logo Are you feeling bored in Aberystwyth? Want to go somewhere and explore different parts of the world? Aberystwyth Travel Society is what you are looking for! You can’t miss it!

  • Unicef

    Unicef logo We hold various fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s charity. Help us promote the work that UNICEF is doing by joining our society!

  • VegSoc

    VegSoc logo Want to reduce your environmental impact, boycott animal suffering and be healthier? Then go veggie and join us at Vegsoc! Already a vegetarian/vegan then come along to our events!

  • WARPSoc

    WARPSoc logo RPGs, board games, card games, war games and much more in a fun and friendly environment with those of all abilities and skill levels welcome!

  • Wrestling Society

    Wrestling Society logo We have screenings, socials, and trips, all revolved around professional wrestling. Join us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/410240642506557/?fref=ts for updated information.