Aberystwyth University QW38

By | 4th April 2017

Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University QW38

BA English Literature and Creative Writing [QW38]

Academic Year: 2016/2017Single Honours scheme – available from 2008/2009

Duration (studying Full-Time): 3 years

Award Eligibility:Standard Awards;

Part 1 Rules

Year 1 Core (60 Credits)

You must take the following modules

Semester 1

EN10020Encountering Texts

WR10320Introduction to Fiction

Semester 2

EN10220Ancestral Voices

Year 1 Options

You should choose other level 1 modules totalling 60 credits from the following list (you may substitute up to 40 credits of these with elective modules offered by other departments)

Semester 1

CL10120Greek and Roman Epic and Drama

EN10120Re-Writing, Re-Visioning Texts

EN11220American Literature 1819-1925

Semester 2

CL10320History of Greek and Roman Ideas

EN10520Contemporary Writing

WR10420Introduction to Poetry

Part 2 Rules

Year 2 Core (40 Credits)

You must take these modules

Semester 1

EN20120Literary Theory: Debates and Dialogues

WR20220Learning from the Novelists

Semester 2

Year 2 Options

You should choose at least 20 credits from the following:

Semester 2

EN20720Nineteenth Century Literature

EN22920Literature since 1945

Year 2 Options

You should choose at least 20 credits from the following:

Semester 1

EN20920Literary Modernisms

EN22020The Shapes of Tragedy

Semester 2

EN22120Place and Self

Year 2 Options

You may choose up to 40 credits from the following:

Semester 1

EN31620Contemporary Queer Fiction

EN37820Forms of Children’s Narrative Prose

EN38720Writing Women for the Public Stage, 1670-1780

Semester 2

EN31220Society,Sexuality and Subversion in the Middle Ages

EN33020Shakespeare, Jonson and Company

EN33420Demons, Degenerates and New Women: Fin De Siecle Fictions


WR30320Writing Short Stories

WR30620Writing Selves

Final Year Core (60 Credits)

You must take tthe following modules

Semester 1

WR30000The Writing Project

WR30120Textual Interventions

Semester 2

WR30040The Writing Project

Final Year Options

You must take at least 40 credits from the following modules

Semester 1

EN30220Elizabethan Drama: Hieronimo to Hamlet

EN30320Victorian Childhoods

EN30420Twentieth Century Welsh Writing in English

EN37520The American Novel in the Nineteenth Century

Semester 2

EN30520Romantic Eroticism

EN30720Reimagining the World Wars: Contempoary Historical Fictions

EN30820Haunting Texts

EN34620Detective and Crime Fiction

EN37620A Virtuous Vice? or: the true HISTORY of the English NOVEL

EN39420American Literature in the Twentieth Century

Final Year Options

You may take up to 20 credits from the following modules

Semester 1

WR32120Writing and Place

Semester 2

WR32220Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

Available both years Electives

Over years 2 and 3, up to 40 credits of elective modules may be selected from those offered by English or other departments subject to timetable restraints and approval by the Director of UG Programmes