Aberystwyth University Q300

Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University Q300

BA English Literature [Q300]

Academic Year: 2017/2018Single Honours scheme – available from 2000/2001

Duration (studying Full-Time): 3 years

Award Eligibility:Standard Awards;

Part 1 Rules

Year 1 Core (60 Credits)

You must take the following modules:

Semester 1

EN10020Encountering Texts

EN10120Re-Writing, Re-Visioning Texts

Semester 2

EN10220Ancestral Voices

Year 1 Options

You should choose other level 1 modules totalling 60 credits from the following list (you may substitute up to 40 credits of these with elective modules offered by other departments)

Semester 1

CL10120Greek and Roman Epic and Drama

EN11520The Beginning of the English Language

Semester 2

EN10520Contemporary Writing

EN11220American Literature 1819-1925

EN11420Literature And The Sea

WR10420Introduction to Poetry

Part 2 Rules

Year 2 Core (40 Credits)

You must take the following:

Semester 1

EN20120Literary Theory: Debates and Dialogues

Semester 2

Year 2 Options

You should choose at least 20 credits from the following modules:

Semester 1

EN20920Literary Modernisms

Semester 2

EN20720Nineteenth Century Literature

EN22920Literature since 1945

Year 2 Options

You may choose up to 40 credits from the following modules:

Semester 1

EN31620Contemporary Queer Fiction

EN37820Forms of Children’s Narrative Prose

EN38720Writing Women for the Public Stage, 1670-1780

Semester 2

EN32120In The Olde Dayes: Medieval Texts and Their World

EN33020Shakespeare, Jonson and Company

EN33420Demons, Degenerates and New Women: Fin De Siecle Fictions

Year 2 Options

You should choose one or both of these following modules:

Semester 1

EN22020The Shapes of Tragedy

Semester 2

EN22120Place and Self

Final Year Core (60 Credits)

You must take the following:

Semester 1

EN30000Undergraduate Dissertation

EN30120Reading Theory / Reading Text

Semester 2

EN30040Undergraduate Dissertation

Final Year Options

You should choose 60 credits from the following modules

Semester 1

EN30220Elizabethan Drama: Hieronimo to Hamlet

EN30320Victorian Childhoods

EN30420Twentieth Century Welsh Writing in English

EN30620Remix: Chaucer In The Then and Now

EN37520The American Novel in the Nineteenth Century

Semester 2

EN30520Romantic Eroticism

EN30720Reimagining the World Wars: Contempoary Historical Fictions

EN30820Haunting Texts

EN31320The Mark of the Beast: Animals in Literature from the 1780s to the 1920a

EN31920The Postcolonial Novel

EN34620Detective and Crime Fiction

EN39420American Literature in the Twentieth Century

Available both years Electives

Over years 2 and 3, up to 40 credits of any approved modules may be taken subject to timetable and the approval of the Director of UG Programmes