Aberystwyth University Past Papers

Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University Past Papers

Information Studies Past Examination Papers


  • Semester One
  • Semester Two [There were no examination papers set]




Past Papers & Marking Scheme

The marking scheme does not follow a particular A-level syllabus and is intended as a general guide only. Not all of the criteria are necessarily relevant to all subject areas. Please see below for marking scheme and past papers.

Marking Scheme:


Shows originality, insight, critical ability. Excellent content, very few errors, showing good knowledge of the principles and concepts of the subject. Candidates own opinions should be evident. Excellent presentation (logical sequence, sensible division of material, clear style). Excellent analytical and interpretive skills.


Evidence of understanding and insight. Very good content, few errors. Good presentation and clear expression. Good analytical and interpretive skills.


Promise of future development. Good content, relatively few errors, relevant points covered. Some evidence of understanding and insight. Satisfactory presentation. Able to analyse and interpret information.


Sound knowledge of the facts and principles, most points covered, but some errors and omissions. Reasonable presentation. Able to evaluate information.


Some lack of content, clarity lost in places, little evidence of consistent understanding. Frequent errors or omissions, presentation poor.