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Welcome to Aberystwyth Community of Gamers (ACOG), the society devoted to video gaming within Aberystwyth. Established in November 2010, we hold regular social evenings and gaming events including trips to compete with other universities and e-sports. We also pride ourselves on giving people a chance to hang out, and an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a friendly atmosphere. So whether you’re a hardcore pro, or just looking for a place to chill, ACOG has plenty to offer.

The AU and UK JANET networks are designed for academic use and do not attempt to offer the full set of non-academic services that a commercial ISP offers. Information Services does not have the resources to support widespread non-academic use.

An amount of such use is allowed where it DOES NOT:

  • impinge on the bandwidth available to academic users
  • in any way compromise the security of the University network
  • breach copyright or UK law e.g. peer-to-peer file sharing of movies, music etc.
  • encroach on Information Services staff time

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