Aberystwyth University Nightlife

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Aberystwyth University Nightlife

In addition to looking after the academic buildings, the department has a Security Team that patrol the Residences throughout the night during the term time to provide extra security around the accommodation blocks. They are also trained and available to deal with any welfare issues that might occur out of hours.

The Residence Security team is available throughout the night if any student feels that they need to talk with somebody or they have a concern that they would like to discuss but don’t feel comfortable talking to the patrol.

Having the Residence Security team also means that they are able to assist the patrol with emergencies like looking for students who are reported missing or helping with fire evacuations. Also all of the Residence Security team are first aid trained which means in an emergency they are normally the first point of contact.

While the Residence Security team is making their rounds they are also able to check for any health and safety risks and check that the firefighting equipment has not been tampered with.

They are also available to sort out disputes that might occur between flat-mates before they escalate. This usually involves monitoring noise levels and making sure that during study weeks students are able to revise in peace.