Aberystwyth University Marine Biology

By | 4th April 2017

Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University Marine Biology

Situated on the coast of Cardigan Bay with a hinterland rich in rivers, streams and lakes, Aberystwyth University is the ideal location to study of Marine and Freshwater Biology. Easily accessible habitats range from mountain streams bearing salmon and trout and unique habitats for freshwater invertebrates, through estuaries of international importance, to sandy beaches, rocky reefs, salt marsh and a bay that is home to the largest residential population of bottlenose dolphins in the UK.


Aberystwyth University Phone Number

If you prefer to contact us by other means, the details are as follows.

University Switchboard: 01970 623111

University Switchboard: 01970 623111

Undergraduate Admissions: 01970 622021

Postgraduate Admissions: 01970 622023

Name Role Telephone E-mail
Emma Williams Director 01970 622526 elw40@aber.ac.uk
Kim Bradick Assistant Registrar 01970 621898 krb@aber.ac.uk
Dr Alan Macmillan Assistant Registrar 01970 621774 anm@aber.ac.uk
Catherine Bean Assistant Registrar 01970 622525 cbb@aber.ac.uk
Susan Moss Head of Collaborative Provision 01970 622287 sjm19@aber.ac.uk
Dr Rhys Williams Postgraduate Admissions Manager 01970 622090 rlw@aber.ac.uk
David Moyle Schools & Colleges Liaison Manager 01970 621972 dom@aber.ac.uk

Staff List

Name Role Telephone E-mail
David Moyle Schools & Colleges Liaison Manager 01970 621972 dom@aber.ac.uk
Teleri Lewis Schools & Colleges Liaison Projects Officer 01970 628786 tme@aber.ac.uk
Harriet Greatrex Schools Liaison Officer (South West England) 01970 622065 hag17@aber.ac.uk
Dewi Phillips Schools & Colleges Liaison Officer 01970 621735 dep@aber.ac.uk
Cathy Piquemal Schools & Colleges Liaison Officer 01970 622864 crp@aber.ac.uk
Dafydd Morse Schools & Colleges Liaison Officer 01970 628461 dfm@aber.ac.uk