Aberystwyth University IBERS Staff

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Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University IBERS Staff

Picture Name Role Email
Dr Jessica Adams Dr Jessica Adams Microbiology / Fermentation Scientist jaa@aber.ac.uk
Dr Lucy Akinmosin Dr Lucy Akinmosin PDRA in Metagenomics for Protein Discovery: Application for Biorefining Macro-algae lua12@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Debbie Allen Mrs Debbie Allen Senior Research Technician dka@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Michelle Allen Mrs Michelle Allen Postgraduate Coordinator and Office Manager myd@aber.ac.uk
Dr Gordon Allison Dr Gordon Allison Analytical Biochemist goa@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Hannah Appleton Mrs Hannah Appleton Equine Centre Instructor htt@aber.ac.uk
Mr Marco Arkesteijn Mr Marco Arkesteijn Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics maa36@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Joy Arkley Mrs Joy Arkley HR Business Partner joa19@aber.ac.uk
Prof Ian Armstead Prof Ian Armstead Professor ipa@aber.ac.uk
Mr Colin Armstrong Mr Colin Armstrong Electrical Technician caa@aber.ac.uk
Miss Denisa Asandei Miss Denisa Asandei Senior Demonstrator IBERS dea9@aber.ac.uk
Mr Chris Ashman Mr Chris Ashman Field Trials Manager cha4@aber.ac.uk
Miss Karen Askew Miss Karen Askew Green House Assistant kaa@aber.ac.uk
Miss Michelle Barchus Miss Michelle Barchus Senior Admin Assistant mib17@aber.ac.uk
Mr Michael Barrett Mr Michael Barrett Teaching mba@aber.ac.uk
Ms Catherine Barton Ms Catherine Barton Teaching Laboratory Technician cjb13@aber.ac.uk
Dr Gemma Beatty Dr Gemma Beatty Lecturer in Agri-Environment & Grassland Ecosystems geb3@aber.ac.uk
Dr Neil Beck Dr Neil Beck Emeritus Lecturer nfb@aber.ac.uk
Mr Stuart Beckley Mr Stuart Beckley Senior Admin Assistant stb@aber.ac.uk
Dr Manfred Beckmann Dr Manfred Beckmann Lecturer meb@aber.ac.uk
Mr Simon Betts Mr Simon Betts Research Assistant sib@aber.ac.uk
Dr Maciej Bisaga Bisaga Dr Maciej Bisaga Bisaga Post-Doctoral Research Assistant mtb@aber.ac.uk
Mr Max Blake Mr Max Blake Senior Demonstrator IBERS mab82@aber.ac.uk
Dr Maurice Bosch Dr Maurice Bosch Senior Lecturer mub@aber.ac.uk
Dr Graham Brand Dr Graham Brand Laboratory Technician grb24@aber.ac.uk
Mr Jason Brook Mr Jason Brook Mechatronics and Glasshouse Technician (National Plant Phenomics Centre) jkb@aber.ac.uk
Prof Peter Brophy Prof Peter Brophy Professor pmb@aber.ac.uk
Dr David Bryant Dr David Bryant Synthetic Biologist dgb@aber.ac.uk
Miss Mathilde Bue Miss Mathilde Bue Senior Demonstrator IBERS mab109@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Shelley Buffery Mrs Shelley Buffery Practical Instructor slb@aber.ac.uk
Dr Karen Cameron Dr Karen Cameron Ser Cymru II COFUND Research Fellow kac32@aber.ac.uk
Ms Laura Cammarisano Ms Laura Cammarisano Senior Demonstrator IBERS lac49@aber.ac.uk
Mr David Carreno Yugueros Mr David Carreno Yugueros Molecular Technician dac74@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Stefanie Carter Mrs Stefanie Carter Senior Demonstrator IBERS stm12@aber.ac.uk
Dr Anand Chakroborty Dr Anand Chakroborty Post-Doctoral Research Associate anc40@aber.ac.uk
Dr Iain Chalmers Dr Iain Chalmers Lecturer in Veterinary Biosciences iwc@aber.ac.uk
Mr Nigel Chapman Mr Nigel Chapman Computer & Investigation Off ndc@aber.ac.uk
Dr Stephen Chapman Dr Stephen Chapman Research Assistant in Bioenergy Crop Biology stc37@aber.ac.uk
Prof John Clifton-Brown Prof John Clifton-Brown Professor jhc@aber.ac.uk
Mr Alan Cole Mr Alan Cole Technician aac@aber.ac.uk
Miss Clare Collett Miss Clare Collett Senior Demonstrator IBERS clc19@aber.ac.uk
Dr Rosemary Collins Dr Rosemary Collins Senior Lecturer rpc@aber.ac.uk
Mr Alan Cookson Mr Alan Cookson Research Scientist akc@aber.ac.uk
Dr Fiona Corke Dr Fiona Corke Post-Doctoral Research Assistant (PDRA) – EPPN fic5@aber.ac.uk
Dr John Corton Dr John Corton Research Assistant jcc@aber.ac.uk
Dr Sandy Cowan Dr Sandy Cowan Research Scientist syc@aber.ac.uk
Dr Chris Creevey Dr Chris Creevey Reader chc30@aber.ac.uk
Mr Donall Cross Mr Donall Cross Postdoctoral Research Assistant dec8@aber.ac.uk
Mr David Cutress Mr David Cutress Senior Demonstrator IBERS djc14@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Despoina Dadarou Mrs Despoina Dadarou Technician in Molecular Basis of Genetic Recombination Control ded15@aber.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Dalesman Dr Sarah Dalesman Lecturer in Freshwater Biology sad31@aber.ac.uk
Ms Sue Dalton Ms Sue Dalton Research Scientist snd@aber.ac.uk
Mr Robert Darby Mr Robert Darby Senior Research Officer rmd@aber.ac.uk
Dr Chris Davey Dr Chris Davey Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in population genomics cdd@aber.ac.uk
Dr Hazel Davey Dr Hazel Davey Reader hlr@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Ann Davies Mrs Ann Davies Advanced Partnership (ATP) and Biotech Administrator acd@aber.ac.uk
Mr Brian Davies Mr Brian Davies Assistant Breeding Technician brd11@aber.ac.uk
Mr Iolo Davies Mr Iolo Davies Research Technician iod@aber.ac.uk
Mr John Davies Mr John Davies Business Development Manager – Pwllpeirian jod28@aber.ac.uk
Mr John Davies Mr John Davies Research Assistant jtd@aber.ac.uk
Mr Leslie Davies Mr Leslie Davies General Farm Worker – Dairy led6@aber.ac.uk
Mr Martin Davies Mr Martin Davies Farms Manager mrd10@aber.ac.uk
Miss Miriam Davies Miss Miriam Davies Relief Dairy Worker med25@aber.ac.uk
Dr Mina Davies-Morel Dr Mina Davies-Morel Reader mid@aber.ac.uk
Mr Raymond Davies Mr Raymond Davies Assistant Field Co-ordinator ryd@aber.ac.uk
Mr Rowland Davies Mr Rowland Davies Snr Investig Off & Off Manager rgd@aber.ac.uk
Miss Sian Davies Miss Sian Davies Project Manager: Renewable Chemicals sid23@aber.ac.uk
Ms Teri Davies Ms Teri Davies Research Scientist tsd@aber.ac.uk
Mr Tony Davies Mr Tony Davies Spray Technician / Field Operator atd@aber.ac.uk
Miss Chelsea Davis Miss Chelsea Davis Senior Demonstrator IBERS chd47@aber.ac.uk
Dr Natasha De Vere Dr Natasha De Vere Senior Lecturer nad10@aber.ac.uk
Ms Aliyah Debbonaire Ms Aliyah Debbonaire Senior Demonstrator IBERS ard21@aber.ac.uk
Dr Peter Dennis Dr Peter Dennis Reader in Ecology of Grazed Ecosystems pdd@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Carol Dery Mrs Carol Dery Beacon Marketing and Communications Officer cad22@aber.ac.uk
Miss Catrin Dewhurst Miss Catrin Dewhurst Stores Assistant cmd17@aber.ac.uk
Miss Elizabeth Donkin Miss Elizabeth Donkin Senior Demonstrator IBERS eld41@aber.ac.uk
Prof Iain Donnison Prof Iain Donnison Professor isd@aber.ac.uk
Prof John Doonan Prof John Doonan Chair (DLM) jhd2@aber.ac.uk
Prof John Draper Prof John Draper Chair jhd@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Sheena Duller Mrs Sheena Duller Research Scientist sfd@aber.ac.uk
Mr Aeron Edwards Mr Aeron Edwards Research Assistant aoe@aber.ac.uk
Dr Arwyn Edwards Dr Arwyn Edwards Senior Lecturer in Biology aye@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Eileen Edwards Mrs Eileen Edwards Investigation Officer / Clerical Assistant jde@aber.ac.uk
Mr Gwilym Edwards Mr Gwilym Edwards Relief Dairy Worker gje3@aber.ac.uk
Mr Paul Edwards Mr Paul Edwards Oat Field Technician pae8@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Angharad Evans Mrs Angharad Evans Oat Research Assistant cce@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Anna Evans Mrs Anna Evans Administrative Assistant and20@aber.ac.uk
Ms Carol Evans Ms Carol Evans Technical Support Officer cae28@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Caron Evans Mrs Caron Evans Plant Biochemist cdj@aber.ac.uk
Mr Dai Evans Mr Dai Evans Post / Stores Assistant dce@aber.ac.uk
Prof Hugh Evans Prof Hugh Evans Honorary Appointment hfe@aber.ac.uk
Mr Charlie Falzon Mr Charlie Falzon Part Time Teacher chf21@aber.ac.uk
Dr Kerrie Farrar Dr Kerrie Farrar Principal Investigator kkf@aber.ac.uk
Mr Markku Farrell Mr Markku Farrell Research Support Scientist msf@aber.ac.uk
Ms Amy Farrington Ms Amy Farrington Technician in Forage Genetics and Plant Breeding amf5@aber.ac.uk
Mr David Fazakerley Mr David Fazakerley Senior Demonstrator IBERS dmf2@aber.ac.uk
Mr Jason Fenemore Mr Jason Fenemore Team Leader – Student Admin Team jaf21@aber.ac.uk
Dr Narcis Fernandez-Fuentes Dr Narcis Fernandez-Fuentes Reader naf4@aber.ac.uk
Mr Jasen Finch Mr Jasen Finch Research Fellow in Acute Oak Decline jsf9@aber.ac.uk
Prof John Fish Prof John Fish Emeritus Professor jdf@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Lynne Fitter Mrs Lynne Fitter Student Experience Assistant lyf4@aber.ac.uk
Dr Josephine Forde-Thomas Dr Josephine Forde-Thomas Research Assistant jef19@aber.ac.uk
Mr Daniel Forster Mr Daniel Forster Senior Demonstrator IBERS daf21@aber.ac.uk
Dr Andreas Foskolos Dr Andreas Foskolos Research Fellow in Ruminant Livestock Modelling anf20@aber.ac.uk
Dr Mariecia Fraser Dr Mariecia Fraser Reader in Upland Agroecosystems mdf@aber.ac.uk
Ms Caroline Freeman Ms Caroline Freeman Senior Demonstrator IBERS cgf@aber.ac.uk
Miss Jessica Friedersdorff Miss Jessica Friedersdorff Senior Demonstrator IBERS jef21@aber.ac.uk
Mr Maximilian Friedersdorff Mr Maximilian Friedersdorff Bioinformatics Scientific Programmer maf54@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Christine Fry Mrs Christine Fry Relief Dairy Worker caf23@aber.ac.uk
Mr Lorenz Fuchs Mr Lorenz Fuchs Senior Demonstrator IBERS lkf1@aber.ac.uk
Mr Colin Fudge Mr Colin Fudge Maintenance Craftsperson cof@aber.ac.uk
Mr Rhun Fychan Mr Rhun Fychan Research Scientist arf@aber.ac.uk
Dr Joe Gallagher Dr Joe Gallagher Reader jbg@aber.ac.uk
Miss Gina Garzon Martinez Miss Gina Garzon Martinez Senior Demonstrator IBERS gag11@aber.ac.uk
Dr Dagmara Gasior Dr Dagmara Gasior Research Technician dkg@aber.ac.uk
Mr Alan Gay Mr Alan Gay Senior Research Scientist abg@aber.ac.uk
Miss Grace Gay Miss Grace Gay Technician in Grain Legumes & Plant Breeding grg3@aber.ac.uk
Dr John Gee Dr John Gee Emeritus Lecturer jhg@aber.ac.uk
Mr Rory Geoghegan Mr Rory Geoghegan Technician ryg@aber.ac.uk
Ms Nia M George Ms Nia M George Financial Administrator nmg@aber.ac.uk
Miss Anna Gethin Miss Anna Gethin Technician in Amenity & Forage Genetics and Plant Breeding alg26@aber.ac.uk
Dr Kathy Geyer Dr Kathy Geyer PDRA – FUGI Project kkg6@aber.ac.uk
Dr Samantha Gill Dr Samantha Gill Research Scientist sbg@aber.ac.uk
Dr Susan Girdwood Dr Susan Girdwood Senior Teaching Lab Technician sng@aber.ac.uk
Mr Chris Glover Mr Chris Glover Field and Glasshouse Technician chg30@aber.ac.uk
Prof Michael Gooding Prof Michael Gooding Director of IBERS mig21@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Naomi Gordon Mrs Naomi Gordon Research Assistant nme@aber.ac.uk
Mr Nicholas Gregory Mr Nicholas Gregory Senior Demonstrator IBERS nig17@aber.ac.uk
Dr Gareth Griffith Dr Gareth Griffith Reader gwg@aber.ac.uk
Mr Idwal Griffiths Mr Idwal Griffiths General Farm Worker – Sheep igg1@aber.ac.uk
Dr Irene Griffiths Dr Irene Griffiths Plant Breeder igg@aber.ac.uk
Prof Michael Haines Prof Michael Haines Emeritus Professor mvh@aber.ac.uk
Prof Michael Hall Prof Michael Hall Emeritus Professor mzh@aber.ac.uk
Prof Joanne Hamilton Prof Joanne Hamilton Professor jvh@aber.ac.uk
Mr Damon Hammond Mr Damon Hammond PDRA Process Engineering & Biorefining ddh@aber.ac.uk
Prof William Haresign Prof William Haresign Emeritus Professor wih@aber.ac.uk
Mr John Harper Mr John Harper Research Scientist oah@aber.ac.uk
Dr Graham Harris Dr Graham Harris Lecturer in Countryside Management gph@aber.ac.uk
Dr Elizabeth Hart Dr Elizabeth Hart Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Plant Microbe Interactions elh18@aber.ac.uk
Dr Barbara Hauck Dr Barbara Hauck Research Scientist bdh@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Dawn Havard Mrs Dawn Havard Communications Officer dbh@aber.ac.uk
Miss Sarah Hawkins Miss Sarah Hawkins Research Scientist aih@aber.ac.uk
Prof Desmond Hayes Prof Desmond Hayes Emeritus Professor deh18@aber.ac.uk
Dr Matthew Hegarty Dr Matthew Hegarty Senior Lecturer ayh@aber.ac.uk
Miss Bethan Hendy Miss Bethan Hendy Academic Operations Assistant bsh3@aber.ac.uk
Prof Richard Hinchliffe Prof Richard Hinchliffe Emeritus Professor jkh@aber.ac.uk
Miss Julie Hirst Miss Julie Hirst Technician jih@aber.ac.uk
Prof Karl Hoffmann Prof Karl Hoffmann Professor krh@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Amanda Holder Mrs Amanda Holder Senior Demonstrator IBERS ajh18@aber.ac.uk
Mr Lloyd Hole Mr Lloyd Hole Student Experience Assistant lrh3@aber.ac.uk
Dr Mike Holland Dr Mike Holland Teaching & Research Technician (Ecology) moh@aber.ac.uk
Miss Sophie Hopkin Miss Sophie Hopkin Technician sjh20@aber.ac.uk
Dr David Hopper Dr David Hopper Honorary Appointment dvh@aber.ac.uk
Dr Catherine Howarth Dr Catherine Howarth Reader – IBERS cnh@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Margaret Howells Mrs Margaret Howells Teaching mth@aber.ac.uk
Dr Lin Huang Dr Lin Huang Senior Lecturer lsh@aber.ac.uk
Mr Alun Hughes Mr Alun Hughes Research Scientist ath12@aber.ac.uk
Mr Nathan Hughes Mr Nathan Hughes Computer Programmer – Student Placement nah31@aber.ac.uk
Mr Philip Hughes Mr Philip Hughes Technician plh@aber.ac.uk
Miss Liz Humphreys Miss Liz Humphreys Project Manager elh20@aber.ac.uk
Dr Mike Humphreys Dr Mike Humphreys Chair mkh@aber.ac.uk
Dr Sharon Huws Dr Sharon Huws Senior Lecturer in Animal Science hnh@aber.ac.uk
Mr Richard Huxley Mr Richard Huxley Teaching Laboratory Technician rjh08@aber.ac.uk
Mr Rosario Iacono Mr Rosario Iacono Senior Demonstrator IBERS roi4@aber.ac.uk
Dr Joe Ironside Dr Joe Ironside Senior Lecturer jei@aber.ac.uk
Miss Emma Ivinson Miss Emma Ivinson Promotion Recruitment & Schools Liaison AberForward Intern eci@aber.ac.uk
Mr Penri James Mr Penri James Lecturer wpj@aber.ac.uk
Prof Glyn Jenkins Prof Glyn Jenkins Professor gmj@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Julia Jenkins Mrs Julia Jenkins Lecturer jcj@aber.ac.uk
Dr Elaine Jensen Dr Elaine Jensen Molecular Geneticist fft@aber.ac.uk
Miss Sharon Jervis Miss Sharon Jervis Stores Assistant shj10@aber.ac.uk
Mr Alastair Johnstone Mr Alastair Johnstone Health Safety and Environment Advisor lvj@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Bev Jones Mrs Bev Jones Directorate Administrator bvj@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Brenda Jones Mrs Brenda Jones Clerical Assistant bbj@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Caron Jones Mrs Caron Jones Secretary clj15@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Charlotte Jones Mrs Charlotte Jones Post Doctoral Research Assistant cgj@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Delma Jones Mrs Delma Jones Research Scientist egj@aber.ac.uk
Miss Delyth Jones Miss Delyth Jones Dairy Worker dej25@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Diane Jones Mrs Diane Jones Animal and Aquatic Sciences Theme Administrator & Home Office Compliance Officer dnj@aber.ac.uk
Mr Dilwyn Jones Mr Dilwyn Jones Research Scientist ilj@aber.ac.uk
Mr Dylan Jones Mr Dylan Jones FBS Investigation Officer duj@aber.ac.uk
Dr Dylan Jones Dr Dylan Jones Reader dyj@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Eleanor Jones Mrs Eleanor Jones Research Technician elj31@aber.ac.uk
Mr Eric Jones Mr Eric Jones FBS Investigation Officer erj@aber.ac.uk
Mr Gruffydd Jones Mr Gruffydd Jones Senior Demonstrator IBERS glj16@aber.ac.uk
Prof Huw Jones Prof Huw Jones Chair in Translational Genomics for Plant Breeding hdj2@aber.ac.uk
Mr Huw Jones Mr Huw Jones Farms Office Assistant huj5@aber.ac.uk
Mr Keith Jones Mr Keith Jones Research Technician (Chemistry) kij@aber.ac.uk
Mr Laurence Jones Mr Laurence Jones Plant Physiologist and Biochemist Research Assistant lmj@aber.ac.uk
Dr Mathew Jones Dr Mathew Jones Research Development Officer maj57@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Michelle Jones Mrs Michelle Jones Finance Administrator icj@aber.ac.uk
Prof Neil Jones Prof Neil Jones Emeritus Honorary Appointment rnj@aber.ac.uk
Mr Rhys Jones Mr Rhys Jones Senior Demonstrator IBERS raj22@aber.ac.uk
Mr Rowland Jones Mr Rowland Jones Technician in Amenity, Forage and Plant Breeding rrj12@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Sian Jones Mrs Sian Jones Senior Research Technician stj@aber.ac.uk
Dr Jason Kam Dr Jason Kam Post Doctoral Research Associate – Plant Physiology jak42@aber.ac.uk
Mr Ian Keirle Mr Ian Keirle Senior Lecturer in Countryside Recreation and Tourism ike@aber.ac.uk
Mr Joseph Kelly Mr Joseph Kelly Field Trials Assistant jmk@aber.ac.uk
Miss Marie Kelly Miss Marie Kelly Research Development Officer mak51@aber.ac.uk
Dr Rhys Kelly Dr Rhys Kelly Research Scientist rok@aber.ac.uk
Dr Paul Kenton Dr Paul Kenton Lecturer pkk@aber.ac.uk
Mr Nathan King Mr Nathan King Senior Demonstrator IBERS ngk@aber.ac.uk
Miss Vicky King Miss Vicky King Project Co-ordinator – Website Designer vrk@aber.ac.uk
Prof Alison Kingston-Smith Prof Alison Kingston-Smith Chair ahk@aber.ac.uk
Dr Richard Kipling Dr Richard Kipling Project Officer rpk@aber.ac.uk
Mr Craig Kirkwood Mr Craig Kirkwood E-Farm Officer crk2@aber.ac.uk
Mr Jonathan Knowler Mr Jonathan Knowler Engineering Technician jnk@aber.ac.uk
Mr Vordek Konczak Mr Vordek Konczak General Farm Worker vok@aber.ac.uk
Mr Terry Lambden Mr Terry Lambden Maintenance tel@aber.ac.uk
Dr Tim Langdon Dr Tim Langdon Senior Lecturer ttl@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Tracy Langford Mrs Tracy Langford Glasshouse Unit Assistance tal@aber.ac.uk
Mr Dave Leemans Mr Dave Leemans Research Scientist dtl@aber.ac.uk
Dr Malcolm Leitch Dr Malcolm Leitch Emeritus Lecturer mxl@aber.ac.uk
Mr Vasileios Panagiotis Lenis Mr Vasileios Panagiotis Lenis Bioinformatics Training Officer vpl@aber.ac.uk
Mr Dafydd Lewis Mr Dafydd Lewis Glasshouse Unit Assistant dal40@aber.ac.uk
Miss Sara Lewis Miss Sara Lewis Field Trial Assistant sal37@aber.ac.uk
Dr Wanchang Lin Dr Wanchang Lin Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Bioinformatics and Metagenomics wll@aber.ac.uk
Mr Ben Ling Mr Ben Ling Research Assistant bml@aber.ac.uk
Dr John Ling Dr John Ling Honorary Appointment jrl@aber.ac.uk
Dr Sue Lister Dr Sue Lister Research Scientist sll@aber.ac.uk
Mr Alun Lloyd Mr Alun Lloyd Lead General Farm Worker- Dairy all17@aber.ac.uk
Dr Amanda Lloyd Dr Amanda Lloyd Research Assistant abl@aber.ac.uk
Dr David Lloyd Dr David Lloyd Legume Breeder dal35@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Enfys Lloyd Mrs Enfys Lloyd Personal Secretary efl@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Mimi Lloyd Mrs Mimi Lloyd Academic Operations Assistant mhl10@aber.ac.uk
Dr Dimitra Loka Dr Dimitra Loka Research Fellow in Plant Science dil3@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Jessica Longworth Mrs Jessica Longworth Project Co-ordinator, FUGI jkl@aber.ac.uk
Mr Marc Loosley Mr Marc Loosley Oat Breeding Technician msl@aber.ac.uk
Mr Alan Lovatt Mr Alan Lovatt Research Scientist jol@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Andi Lovatt Mrs Andi Lovatt Research Technician acm15@aber.ac.uk
Dr Daniel Low Dr Daniel Low Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science dal38@aber.ac.uk
Mr Matthew Lowe Mr Matthew Lowe Research Assistant mjl@aber.ac.uk
Dr Laura Lyons Dr Laura Lyons Technician lal8@aber.ac.uk
Mr Neil MacKintosh Mr Neil MacKintosh Lecturer nnm08@aber.ac.uk
Dr Sian MacKintosh Dr Sian MacKintosh Post-Doctoral Research Fellow – Improving Efficiency and Reducing Waste in the Beef Supply Chain sim17@aber.ac.uk
Dr Anne Maddison Dr Anne Maddison Research Assistant- Genetic Recombination in Grasses nam@aber.ac.uk
Miss Lindsey Male Miss Lindsey Male Senior Demonstrator IBERS lim33@aber.ac.uk
Miss Kirsten Manley Miss Kirsten Manley Senior Demonstrator IBERS kim17@aber.ac.uk
Miss Mariya Marinova Miss Mariya Marinova Senior Demonstrator IBERS mam116@aber.ac.uk
Dr Christina Marley Dr Christina Marley Reader cvm@aber.ac.uk
Dr Athole Marshall Dr Athole Marshall Chair thm@aber.ac.uk
Dr Helen Marshall Dr Helen Marshall Lecturer hem@aber.ac.uk
Dr Rupert Marshall Dr Rupert Marshall Reader in Animal Behaviour rmm@aber.ac.uk
Miss Maria Martinez-Martin Miss Maria Martinez-Martin Senior Demonstrator IBERS mjm16@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Melissa Mason Mrs Melissa Mason Project Administrator (BEACON) mgm@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Ros Mathews Mrs Ros Mathews Senior Research Technician rxm@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Helen McAnulty-Jones Mrs Helen McAnulty-Jones Technician hmm@aber.ac.uk
Dr Sebastian McBride Dr Sebastian McBride Lecturer in Biological Science sdm@aber.ac.uk
Dr Jon McCalmont Dr Jon McCalmont Research Assistant in Bioenergy and Environmental Biology jpm8@aber.ac.uk
Dr Niall McKeown Dr Niall McKeown Post Doctoral Research Associate njm2@aber.ac.uk
Dr Ian Mercer Dr Ian Mercer Honorary Appointment eim@aber.ac.uk
Mr Brian Middleton Mr Brian Middleton Research Scientist btm@aber.ac.uk
Miss Suzanne Miles Miss Suzanne Miles Senior Demonstrator IBERS srm16@aber.ac.uk
Dr Jon Moorby Dr Jon Moorby Reader jxm@aber.ac.uk
Dr Pippa Moore Dr Pippa Moore Reader pim2@aber.ac.uk
Mr Dai Morgan Mr Dai Morgan Glasshouse Manager dgm@aber.ac.uk
Mr Lewis Morgan Mr Lewis Morgan Relief Dairy Worker lhm1@aber.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Morgan Dr Sarah Morgan Post Doctoral Fellow sam61@aber.ac.uk
Mr Odin Moron-Garcia Mr Odin Moron-Garcia Senior Demonstrator IBERS omm3@aber.ac.uk
Dr Russ Morphew Dr Russ Morphew Senior Lecturer rom@aber.ac.uk
Mr Huw Morris Mr Huw Morris Investigational Officer him@aber.ac.uk
Prof John Morris Prof John Morris Emeritus Honorary Appointment jgm@aber.ac.uk
Dr Mike Morris Dr Mike Morris Business Development Manager tem@aber.ac.uk
Mr Tom Morrison Mr Tom Morrison Computer Programmer – Student Placement tdm1@aber.ac.uk
Dr Diego Moya Fernandez Dr Diego Moya Fernandez Interdisciplinary Research Fellow in Animal Sciences dim11@aber.ac.uk
Mr Adam Mulkern Mr Adam Mulkern Senior Demonstrator IBERS ajm29@aber.ac.uk
Prof Luis Mur Prof Luis Mur Professor lum@aber.ac.uk
Dr Alison Nash Dr Alison Nash Teaching Assistant aan@aber.ac.uk
Dr Debbie Nash Dr Debbie Nash Senior Lecturer dmn@aber.ac.uk
Prof Jamie Newbold Prof Jamie Newbold Professor cjn@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Jan Newman Mrs Jan Newman Project Co-ordinator jln@aber.ac.uk
Mr Alex Newnes Mr Alex Newnes Senior Demonstrator IBERS aln14@aber.ac.uk
Dr Candida Nibau Dr Candida Nibau Post Doctoral Research Assistant csn@aber.ac.uk
Dr Pip Nicholas-Davies Dr Pip Nicholas-Davies Research Associate / Associate Lecturer pkn@aber.ac.uk
Mr Christopher Nunn Mr Christopher Nunn Beacon Project Scientist in Life Cycle Analysis chn10@aber.ac.uk
Mr Joseph Nunn Mr Joseph Nunn Research Technician jon8@aber.ac.uk
Ms Sally O'Donovan-Humphreys Ms Sally O’Donovan-Humphreys Research Assistant in Plant Biology sso@aber.ac.uk
Mr Anthony O'Regan Mr Anthony O’Regan Lecturer tor@aber.ac.uk
Miss Flavia Occhibove Miss Flavia Occhibove Senior Demonstrator IBERS flo1@aber.ac.uk
Mr Geoffrey Oldrid Mr Geoffrey Oldrid Teaching geo3@aber.ac.uk
Dr Andrew Oliphant Dr Andrew Oliphant Post Doctoral Research Assistant (PDRA) ano1@aber.ac.uk
Dr Helen Ougham Dr Helen Ougham Emeritus Reader hjo@aber.ac.uk
Mr Gareth Owen Mr Gareth Owen Technician goo@aber.ac.uk
Dr Iwan Owen Dr Iwan Owen Lecturer igo@aber.ac.uk
Mr Selwyn Owen Mr Selwyn Owen Business Development Manager gao4@aber.ac.uk
Miss Linda Oyama Miss Linda Oyama Post-Doctoral Research Assistant lbo@aber.ac.uk
Dr Justin Pachebat Dr Justin Pachebat Senior Lecturer in Microbial Genomics jip@aber.ac.uk
Miss Gilda Padalino Miss Gilda Padalino Senior Demonstrator IBERS gip7@aber.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Palmer Dr Sarah Palmer PDRA in Forage Genetics and Plant Breeding sap42@aber.ac.uk
Dr Simon Payne Dr Simon Payne Lectureship in Sport Science and Human Health Psychology smp14@aber.ac.uk
Miss Marina Pellegrini Miss Marina Pellegrini Senior Demonstrator IBERS map79@aber.ac.uk
Mr Dylan Phillips Mr Dylan Phillips Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Plant Meiosis, Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics dwp@aber.ac.uk
Mr Emyr Phillips Mr Emyr Phillips IBERS Institute Manager emp24@aber.ac.uk
Miss Helen Phillips Miss Helen Phillips Technician (Mass Spectrometry) hcp5@aber.ac.uk
Dr Sandra Pierre Dr Sandra Pierre Technician- Analytical Chemistry and Metabolomics sap36@aber.ac.uk
Prof Chris Pollock Prof Chris Pollock Emeritus Professor cip@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Charly Potter Mrs Charly Potter Research Technician chm@aber.ac.uk
Mr Dylan Powell Jones Mr Dylan Powell Jones Assistant Breeding Technician ddp@aber.ac.uk
Mr David Powell Mr David Powell Lecturer in Countryside Management dip@aber.ac.uk
Mr Huw Powell Mr Huw Powell Extension Officer hgp@aber.ac.uk
Dr Jim Provan Dr Jim Provan Reader in Biological Science jip14@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Sarah Pryse Mrs Sarah Pryse Communications & Marketing Officer rms@aber.ac.uk
Dr Swati Puranik Dr Swati Puranik Marie Curie Research Fellow swp4@aber.ac.uk
Mr Andy Purkiss Mr Andy Purkiss Forage Grass and Legume Field Technician anp36@aber.ac.uk
Ms Sarah Catherine Pye Ms Sarah Catherine Pye Senior Demonstrator IBERS cap12@aber.ac.uk
Miss Louise Radley Miss Louise Radley Senior Demonstrator IBERS lor10@aber.ac.uk
Dr Eva Ramos Morales Dr Eva Ramos Morales Post-Doctoral Research Fellow – Control of Protozoa within the Rumen evr1@aber.ac.uk
Dr Adriana Ravagnani Dr Adriana Ravagnani Research Scientist adr@aber.ac.uk
Dr Rao Ravella Dr Rao Ravella Microbiologist/Fermentation Scientist rsr@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Pauline Rees Stevens Mrs Pauline Rees Stevens Research Technician pur@aber.ac.uk
Mr Nick Reeves Mr Nick Reeves FBS Senior Investigation Off ncr@aber.ac.uk
Mr Eirian Richards Mr Eirian Richards General Farm Worker- Plant Maintenance eir2@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Jane Richards Mrs Jane Richards Health Safety & Environment Officer jzr@aber.ac.uk
Dr Claire Risley Dr Claire Risley Lecturer in Animal Disease Epidemiology clr25@aber.ac.uk
Mr Benjamin Roberts Mr Benjamin Roberts Senior Demonstrator IBERS ber32@aber.ac.uk
Miss Luned Roberts Miss Luned Roberts Research Scientist lur@aber.ac.uk
Mr Neville Roberts Mr Neville Roberts Glasshouse Assistant nvr@aber.ac.uk
Ms Tabitha Roberts Ms Tabitha Roberts Senior Demonstrator IBERS tgr2@aber.ac.uk
Mr Tegid Roberts Mr Tegid Roberts FBS Senior Investigation Off twr@aber.ac.uk
Dr Paul Robson Dr Paul Robson Senior Research Scientist ppr@aber.ac.uk
Mr Kevin Roderick Mr Kevin Roderick Research Assistant in Bioenergy Crop Biology ker25@aber.ac.uk
Prof Lyndon Rogers Prof Lyndon Rogers Emeritus Honorary Appointment ljr@aber.ac.uk
Ms Kate Rolt Ms Kate Rolt Technical Assistant kar31@aber.ac.uk
Dr Michael Rose Dr Michael Rose Reader mir@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Ruth Rowbotham Mrs Ruth Rowbotham Personal Secretary rlr@aber.ac.uk
Mr Edwin Rowlands Mr Edwin Rowlands Farm Worker (Pwllpeiran) edr7@aber.ac.uk
Miss Elizabeth Rowlands Miss Elizabeth Rowlands Receptionist ear4@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Linda Sadler Mrs Linda Sadler Finance Administrator llc@aber.ac.uk
Dr Pranav Sahu Dr Pranav Sahu Technician pps1@aber.ac.uk
Dr Ruth Sanderson Dr Ruth Sanderson Statistician rts@aber.ac.uk
Dr Roger Santer Dr Roger Santer Lecturer in Zoology rds5@aber.ac.uk
Dr Colin Sauze Dr Colin Sauze Data Manager (NPPC) cos@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Hywela Saycell Mrs Hywela Saycell Finance Administrator dys@aber.ac.uk
Dr Giovanni Scalici Dr Giovanni Scalici Seed Production Technician gis4@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Dolly Schwenk Mrs Dolly Schwenk ATP and Biotech Administrator dos12@aber.ac.uk
Prof Nigel Scollan Prof Nigel Scollan Honorary Appointment ngs@aber.ac.uk
Dr Ian Scott Dr Ian Scott Senior Lecturer ias@aber.ac.uk
Mr Mark Scott Mr Mark Scott Research Assistant mds@aber.ac.uk
Dr John Scullion Dr John Scullion Reader jos@aber.ac.uk
Dr Reza Shafiei Dr Reza Shafiei Miscanthus breeder and Seed Production Scientist res26@aber.ac.uk
Dr Ifat Shah Dr Ifat Shah Senior Lecturer ifp@aber.ac.uk
Miss Hazel Sharp Miss Hazel Sharp Research Assistant- Analytical Chemistry hjs6@aber.ac.uk
Prof Paul Shaw Prof Paul Shaw Chair pws3@aber.ac.uk
Miss Tamsin Shepherd-Waring Miss Tamsin Shepherd-Waring Senior Demonstrator IBERS tas22@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Ellen Sizer Coverdale Mrs Ellen Sizer Coverdale Research Assistant eys@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Kirsten Skot Mrs Kirsten Skot Laboratory Manager kps@aber.ac.uk
Dr Leif Skot Dr Leif Skot Reader lfs@aber.ac.uk
Miss Ilze Skujina Miss Ilze Skujina Senior Demonstrator IBERS ils4@aber.ac.uk
Mr Daniel Smith Mr Daniel Smith Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Bioinformatics das50@aber.ac.uk
Ms Hester Smith Ms Hester Smith Relief Dairy Worker hcs3@aber.ac.uk
Dr Abhishek Somani Dr Abhishek Somani PDRA in Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology abs12@aber.ac.uk
Ms Martine Spittle Ms Martine Spittle ATP Coordinator rjs@aber.ac.uk
Mr Daniel Steward Mr Daniel Steward Cohort Assistant drs10@aber.ac.uk
Dr William Stiles Dr William Stiles Knowledge Exchange Fellow wvs@aber.ac.uk
Miss Rebekah Stuart Miss Rebekah Stuart Postdoctoral Research Associate res36@aber.ac.uk
Dr Martin Swain Dr Martin Swain Senior Lecturer mts11@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Rajashree Swain Mrs Rajashree Swain Laboratory Technician (IBERS) rbs10@aber.ac.uk
Mr Andrew Taravella Mr Andrew Taravella Glasshouse Unit Assistant agt1@aber.ac.uk
Dr Rhys Thatcher Dr Rhys Thatcher Reader ryt@aber.ac.uk
Mr Vince Theobald Mr Vince Theobald Research Scientist vjt@aber.ac.uk
Ms Ann Thomas Ms Ann Thomas Research Scientist amt@aber.ac.uk
Miss Caryl Thomas Miss Caryl Thomas Equine Centre Assistant Instructor crw14@aber.ac.uk
Prof Chris Thomas Prof Chris Thomas Professor cjt@aber.ac.uk
Mr David Thomas Mr David Thomas Research Technician dit@aber.ac.uk
Mr Glanmor Thomas Mr Glanmor Thomas Seed Production Manager glt@aber.ac.uk
Prof Howard Thomas Prof Howard Thomas Emeritus Professor hot@aber.ac.uk
Mr Ianto Thomas Mr Ianto Thomas Research Scientist idt@aber.ac.uk
Mr Tom Thomas Mr Tom Thomas Technician tht@aber.ac.uk
Dr Judith Thornton Dr Judith Thornton Research Development Officer jut13@aber.ac.uk
Dr Danny Thorogood Dr Danny Thorogood Principal Investigator dnt@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Emma Timms-Taravella Mrs Emma Timms-Taravella Senior Research Technician eat@aber.ac.uk
Miss Sara Tudor Miss Sara Tudor Technical Assistant set11@aber.ac.uk
Dr Les Tumilty Dr Les Tumilty Lecturer in Exercise Physiology llt07@aber.ac.uk
Dr Lesley Turner Dr Lesley Turner Research Associate in Biorefining lbt@aber.ac.uk
Mr John Tweed Mr John Tweed Research Scientist jkt@aber.ac.uk
Mr Jim Vale Mr Jim Vale Research Scientist jev@aber.ac.uk
Miss Hannah Vallin Miss Hannah Vallin Research Assistant hev1@aber.ac.uk
Dr Federico Villagra Povina Dr Federico Villagra Povina Lecturer in Exercise and Health Physiology fev1@aber.ac.uk
Dr Noelia Villarroel Rodriguez Dr Noelia Villarroel Rodriguez Postdoctoral Researcher in Rational Enzyme Design nov@aber.ac.uk
Dr Kate Waddams Dr Kate Waddams Postdoctoral Research Associate kew3@aber.ac.uk
Dr Joanne Walker Dr Joanne Walker Research Development Officer jnw@aber.ac.uk
Dr Joanne Wallace Dr Joanne Wallace Senior Lecturer jyw@aber.ac.uk
Prof John Warren Prof John Warren Honorary Appointment jmw21@aber.ac.uk
Mr Robin Warren Mr Robin Warren Field and Glasshouse Technician rdw6@aber.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Watson-Jones Dr Sarah Watson-Jones Lecturer sjw@aber.ac.uk
Dr Richard Webster Dr Richard Webster Plant Physiologist and Data Analyst rcw@aber.ac.uk
Miss Kezia Whatley Miss Kezia Whatley Research Assistant kcw1@aber.ac.uk
Dr Helen Whiteland Dr Helen Whiteland PDRA – Hit Discovery for Schistosomiasis hew23@aber.ac.uk
Dr David Whitworth Dr David Whitworth Reader dew@aber.ac.uk
Dr David Wilcockson Dr David Wilcockson Senior Lecturer dqw@aber.ac.uk
Prof Michael Wilkinson Prof Michael Wilkinson Chair in Upland Agroecosystems mjw19@aber.ac.uk
Dr Toby Wilkinson Dr Toby Wilkinson Post Doctoral Research Associate in Clinical Microbiology / Biochemistry tow14@aber.ac.uk
Ms Cate Williams Ms Cate Williams Senior Demonstrator IBERS clw30@aber.ac.uk
Mr David Williams Mr David Williams Farm Worker dhw@aber.ac.uk
Dr Hefin Williams Dr Hefin Williams Lecturer in Agricultural Environment hew05@aber.ac.uk
Mr Huw Williams Mr Huw Williams FBS Senior Investigation Off dfw@aber.ac.uk
Mr Ian Williams Mr Ian Williams FBS Senior Investigation Off iiw@aber.ac.uk
Dr Kevin Williams Dr Kevin Williams Senior Glasshouse and Mechatronics Technician ksw09@aber.ac.uk
Mr Manod Williams Mr Manod Williams Associate Lecturer maw90@aber.ac.uk
Mr Timothy Williams Mr Timothy Williams Research Fund Development Manager tdw@aber.ac.uk
Dr Thomas Wilson Dr Thomas Wilson Research Assistant – Data pre-processing and Chemical Identification tpw2@aber.ac.uk
Dr Ana Winters Dr Ana Winters Principal Investigator alg@aber.ac.uk
Dr Basil Wolf Dr Basil Wolf Senior Lecturer btw@aber.ac.uk
Dr Ruth Wonfor Dr Ruth Wonfor Knowledge Exchange Fellow rec21@aber.ac.uk
Dr Peter Wootton-Beard Dr Peter Wootton-Beard Interdisciplinary Research Fellow in Plant Sciences and the Built Environment pcw1@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Hilary Worgan Mrs Hilary Worgan Laboratory Manager hjw@aber.ac.uk
Mr Paul Wyn-Jones Mr Paul Wyn-Jones Research Technician paj@aber.ac.uk
Mrs Rama Yadav Mrs Rama Yadav Research Technician ray7@aber.ac.uk
Dr Rattan Yadav Dr Rattan Yadav Reader rsy@aber.ac.uk
Prof Mike Young Prof Mike Young Emeritus Professor miy@aber.ac.uk
Dr Hassan Zubair Dr Hassan Zubair Junior Research Assistant hhz@aber.ac.uk
Dr Ricardo da Costa Dr Ricardo da Costa PDRA – Tenovus rmf6@aber.ac.uk

External Examiners

Name Institution Position
Dr Helen E Moreton Royal Agricultural University (RAU) Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark Paget University of Sussex Reader
Dr Martin Genner University of Bristol Senior Lecturer
Dr Melissa Day University of Chichester Reader
Dr Robert Baxter University of Durham Senior Lecturer
Mr Henry J S Finch Royal Agricultural University (RAU) Principal Lecturer
Mr Paul Courtney University of Gloucestershire Professor
Mrs Caroline Rymer University of Reading Senior Research Fellow
Professor John Williams University of Chester Professor
Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison University of Leicester Professor
Professor Richard J Murphy University of Surrey Professor

Postgraduate Research Students

Name Email
Simao Gustavo Rosa Quaresma De Abreu sir23@aber.ac.uk
Jasen Peter Finch jsf9@aber.ac.uk
Suzanne Louise Walker slw13@aber.ac.uk
Daniel James Forster daf14@aber.ac.uk
Laura Sophie Hoelters lsh8@aber.ac.uk
Alberto Arnau Bort ala22@aber.ac.uk
Marina Pellegrini map81@aber.ac.uk
Rebecca Entwistle ree25@aber.ac.uk
Gruffydd Lloyd Jones glj18@aber.ac.uk
Micheal Sean McMonagle msm2@aber.ac.uk
Lewis Clark Naisbett-Jones lcn@aber.ac.uk
Jose Manuel Carli jmc08@aber.ac.uk
Kathryn Mair Huson kmh9@aber.ac.uk
Manod Williams mnw9@aber.ac.uk
Luis Antonio Marques Da Silva lum32@aber.ac.uk
Kezia Whatley kew16@aber.ac.uk
Denisa Ramona Asandei dra3@aber.ac.uk
Cate Louise Williams clw10@aber.ac.uk
Sophie Charlotte Cook soc7@aber.ac.uk
Stefanie Carter stm25@aber.ac.uk
Rhys James Jones rjj13@aber.ac.uk
Divya Kattupalli dik8@aber.ac.uk
Laura Cammarisano lac38@aber.ac.uk
Thomas Hitch thh32@aber.ac.uk
Nicholas Gregory nig5@aber.ac.uk
David Jack Cutress djc11@aber.ac.uk
David John Greenwell djg6@aber.ac.uk
Phillipa Helen Lewis phl5@aber.ac.uk
Christina Cox chc32@aber.ac.uk
Yifan Zhou yiz12@aber.ac.uk
Mathilde Bue mab83@aber.ac.uk
Caroline Georgina Freeman cgf2@aber.ac.uk
Laurie Huxley lih7@aber.ac.uk
Christopher James Richards cjr@aber.ac.uk
Morgane Pilar Stella Eleouet mpe@aber.ac.uk
Gilda Padalino gip3@aber.ac.uk
Sam Joseph Thomas sjt9@aber.ac.uk
Julia Tello Velamazan jut4@aber.ac.uk
John James Tomes jjt10@aber.ac.uk
Christopher Nunn @aber.ac.uk
Amanda Jane Holder amh21@aber.ac.uk
Andrew Paul Jones apj7@aber.ac.uk
Danny George Awty-Carroll dgc1@aber.ac.uk
Hefin Geraint Jones hgj09@aber.ac.uk
Aderemi Akinyemi ada4@aber.ac.uk
Clare Florence Collett cfc4@aber.ac.uk
Cristina Monterrubio Martin crm15@aber.ac.uk
Jenna Marie Bowen jmb9@aber.ac.uk
David James Walker dlw9@aber.ac.uk
Evangelia Stavridou evs6@aber.ac.uk
Thomas Gasan thg14@aber.ac.uk
Elizabeth Donkin eld38@aber.ac.uk
Ruth Mary Smith rmc3@aber.ac.uk
Eleni Ioannou eli2@aber.ac.uk
Gregory Walsh grw8@aber.ac.uk
Nicholas Dimonaco nid16@aber.ac.uk
Simon Peter Gathira Muchira gam20@aber.ac.uk
Gareth William Raynes gar12@aber.ac.uk
Vasileios Panagiotis Lenis val1@aber.ac.uk
Alessandra Crusco alc45@aber.ac.uk
Stephen Kamau Wanjiru skw5@aber.ac.uk
Benjamin Thomas bet16@aber.ac.uk
Ilze Skujina ils3@aber.ac.uk
Ottavia Cavalli otc@aber.ac.uk
Amber Jennifer Fanthome amf13@aber.ac.uk
Tamsin Shepherd-Waring tas12@aber.ac.uk
Rebekah Kate Wale rkw9@aber.ac.uk
Ayonposi Bukola Olaoye ayo2@aber.ac.uk
Mi-Young Won miw26@aber.ac.uk
Caio Ambrosio Leal Dutra caa22@aber.ac.uk
Rebecca Hindhaugh rgh8@aber.ac.uk
Lorenz Kenneth Fuchs lof4@aber.ac.uk
Rhys Aled Jones raj11@aber.ac.uk
Adam James Mulkern ajm15@aber.ac.uk
Arthur Morris arm21@aber.ac.uk
Dilwyn Harries dwh9@aber.ac.uk
Emma Davies emd25@aber.ac.uk
Rakesh Bhatia rab31@aber.ac.uk
Daniel Guy ddg9@aber.ac.uk
Jarishma Keriuscia Gokul jkg2@aber.ac.uk
Marta Malinowska mak54@aber.ac.uk
Nathan Allen naa16@aber.ac.uk
James Pickup jap25@aber.ac.uk
Olayemi Adedayo Adeniyi ola8@aber.ac.uk
Nuwan Muhandiram Walawwe num4@aber.ac.uk
Gina Alessandra Garzon Martinez gig7@aber.ac.uk
Mariya Marinova mam104@aber.ac.uk
Christopher Byrne chb56@aber.ac.uk
Rebeca Evans ree28@aber.ac.uk
Natalie Fern Meades nam39@aber.ac.uk
Liam George lig17@aber.ac.uk
Indre Jakaityte inj1@aber.ac.uk
Alex Timothy Newnes atn@aber.ac.uk
Agnieszka Gladala-Kostarz agg9@aber.ac.uk
Rachel Paes de Araujo rap23@aber.ac.uk
Lindsey Male lim30@aber.ac.uk
Louise Radley lor3@aber.ac.uk
Robert Geoffrey Jacques rgj2@aber.ac.uk
Steven Bourne stb34@aber.ac.uk
Amy Healey amh5@aber.ac.uk
Sarah Pye sap40@aber.ac.uk
Benjamin Philip Roberts bpr4@aber.ac.uk
Thomer Durman thd22@aber.ac.uk
Fiona Tyson fit1@aber.ac.uk
Jorge Martinez-Fortun jom77@aber.ac.uk
Keiron Teilo O’Shea keo7@aber.ac.uk
Aliyah Debbonaire ard11@aber.ac.uk
Sam Hardman sah74@aber.ac.uk
Daniel Lloyd dgl5@aber.ac.uk
Isabela Maria Fernandes de Oliveira isf4@aber.ac.uk
Chelsea Davis chd31@aber.ac.uk
Flavia Occhibove flo@aber.ac.uk
Tom Cooper toc11@aber.ac.uk
Holly Craven hoc12@aber.ac.uk
Vladimir Khodygo vlk@aber.ac.uk
Rebecca Jane Wilson rjw14@aber.ac.uk
Adrian Shane Horton ash13@aber.ac.uk
Agnieszka Michalik agm16@aber.ac.uk
Emil Marinov Yosifov eey9@aber.ac.uk
Olaniyi Owolabi Ogundiya olo1@aber.ac.uk
Sumana Bhowmick sub23@aber.ac.uk
Nathan King nak14@aber.ac.uk
Stefani Dritsa std24@aber.ac.uk
Anna Suchy ans72@aber.ac.uk
Iain Place iap2@aber.ac.uk
Odin Manuel Moron-Garcia omm2@aber.ac.uk
Maria Jose Martinez Martin mjm7@aber.ac.uk
Catherine Elizabeth Hale @aber.ac.uk
Christopher Ross Ashman cra19@aber.ac.uk
Sara Elizabeth Pidcock sep14@aber.ac.uk
Maithe Rocha Monteiro De Barros mar31@aber.ac.uk
Tabitha Grace Roberts tgr@aber.ac.uk
Harry Burge hab34@aber.ac.uk
Paul Gladstone Livingstone pal16@aber.ac.uk
Adrian Mironas adm16@aber.ac.uk
Rosario Iacono roi3@aber.ac.uk
Rafael Antonio Alves Baptista rab37@aber.ac.uk
Rebekah Weatherhead rew19@aber.ac.uk
Fanny Carole Nowacki fcn@aber.ac.uk
Hanna Rose Manwaring hrm2@aber.ac.uk
David Michael Fazakerley dmf@aber.ac.uk
Jessica Charlotte Abigail Friedersdorff jef11@aber.ac.uk
Alexander Edward Turner aet1@aber.ac.uk
Michael Paul Simon Gwilliam msg2@aber.ac.uk
Joanna Philippa Worthington jpw9@aber.ac.uk