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ACCA Accredited Programme

Aberystwyth University’s Department of Geography & Earth Sciences is  one of the most established and experienced departments of its kind. Aberystwyth University offers you the unique opportunity to study geography in one of the most picturesque locations in Europe. Set on the coast of Cardigan Bay and surrounded by a great diversity of beautiful environments, including marine, moorland, mountain and grassland, the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences is uniquely placed to make the most of the stunning landscapes that surround it, providing you with a fabulous variety of fieldwork and recreational opportunities. This degree accredited by the Royal Geographical Society with IBG will equip you with the skills, abilities and expertise to face and engage with the challenges facing society today.

BSc Geography [F800] provides a combination of Physical and Human Geography, enabling you to experience the full breadth of the discipline across the physical and human processes that shape landscapes and places across the world.Geographers study the human and physical processes structuring the globe, and the political and environmental issues that arise as a consequence of human interactions with the earth. An understanding of how human society and the global environment relates to all our lives, whether we live in Britain or beyond, is of central importance to the contemporary world.

Entry via F800 is suitable for students who have studied Geography at A level (or similar qualification) together with other Science, Social Science or Humanities subjects. Throughout all three years you will have the opportunity to study both Physical and Human Geography, and to specialise in particular branches of the discipline. As the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences is one of the largest Geography communities in the UK, we are able to offer an extremely broad range of Geographical specialisms, enabling you to create a degree scheme that suits your individual interests.

Courses with DGES

  • BSc Physical Geography (F840) (with year abroad / with year in industry)
  • BA Human Geography (L700) (with year abroad / with year in industry)
  • BSc Geography (F800) (with year abroad / with year in industry)
  • BSc Environmental Earth Science (F640)
  • BSc Environmenal Science (F750)
  • BSc Daearyddiaeth (F801)
  • Joint Honours and Major / Minor Degree Schemes

The Department of Geography and Earth Sciences has a large and vibrant postgraduate community which is viewed as a key component of our research excellence. We are committed to developing innovative and novel interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes, as well as being involved in fundamental geography, Earth and environmental science research. We offer a range of routes to postgraduate study. More information can be found by following the links below.

  • Taught Masters Courses

    Remote Sensing and GIS (MSc)Glaciology (MSc)
    Environmental Change, Impact and Adaptation (MSc)
    Practising Human Geography (MA)