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Aberystwyth University Counselling

The focus of the Wellbeing Service is on supporting students to take responsibility for their wellbeing and develop self-reliance and autonomy. We work with students to build resilience and develop a toolkit of skills to help them manage their lives at University and beyond.

The Student Wellbeing Service does not duplicate or replace statutory provision but facilitates support pathways to other community services when necessary.

How to access the Student Wellbeing Service

All students who wish to use the Student Wellbeing Service must initally complete and submit our secure online registration form. Providing us with this information ensures that students will be allocated to the most appropriate member of staff in accordance with their needs.

if you require support to complete the form, please contact the Student Welcome Centre Reception on (01970) 622087 or 621761 or email studentwellbeing@aber.ac.uk