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Aberystwyth University’s Computer Science department has achieved an impressive overall satisfaction rating of 91% in the latest National Student Survey (NSS), significantly higher than the UK figure of 86%.

Aberystwyth University’s Computer Science research teams consistently produce ground-breaking research. In the REF 2014 assessments, our department was rated 1st in Wales and 11th in the UK as a whole based on research intensity. That means that you will be taught by lecturers on the forefront of Computer Science, in a department which is equipped with state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology.

Computing is an ever-expanding element of the modern world that continues to grow in relevance as technology progresses. It is the foundation of many industries, such as engineering, science, travel, commerce and even the media; meaning that the knowledge gained by its study is widely applicable in the world of employment.

Developing software is a creative activity because it seeks solutions that are elegant as well as functional and re-usable. It is also about being systematic and professional so that others can have confidence that your solution is a strong one that will work consistently and reliably. As computer scientists, we understand people and organisations and work with them, and our courses place a strong emphasis on professional and personal development within the broad context of the business world. The Computer Science department at Aberystwyth has close collaborations within academia and industry, and our graduates and industrial year students are eagerly sought by employers.

Courses Available

  • BSc Computer Science – UCAS G400, Mauritius UCAS G40M
  • BSc Computer Science (includes foundation year) – UCAS G40F
  • BSc Computer Science (with year in industry) – UCAS G401, Mauritius UCAS G4MM
  • BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence – UCAS GG4R
  • BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (with year in industry)  – UCAS GG47
  • BSc Artificial Intelligence and Robotics – UCAS GH76
  • BSc Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (with year in industry)  – UCAS GH7P
  • BSc Computer Graphics Vision and Games – UCAS G450
  • BSc Computer Graphics, Vision and Games (with year in industry) – UCAS G451
  • BSc Internet Computing and Systems Administration – UCAS H602
  • BSc Internet Computing and Systems Administration (with year in industry) – UCAS H603
  • BSc Business Information Technology – UCAS G500
  • BSc Business Information Technology (with year in industry) – UCAS G501
  • BEng Software Engineering (includes a year in industry) – UCAS G600
  • MEng Software Engineering (includes a year in industry) – UCAS G601
  • Joint Degrees and Major/Minor combinations


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