Abertay University UCAS

Abertay University UCAS

As a university we are immensely proud of our academic achievements but there is a great deal more to us. We are a modern university with a long history and a clear sense of our distinctive mission, highly regarded for our academic performance in areas with genuine relevance and impact on society and the economy, and with a community of talented students and academics who make us the success we are. We place teaching and student support at the heart of the University, offering full/part-time study options alongside a network of support services to help you with all aspects of your life whilst you’re at Abertay. The University has some of the most innovative and well-designed buildings in the UK and our Bernard King Library and our Student Centre have set the standard for universities across the UK. The facilities available across our campus are excellent and we pride ourselves that we are ranked very highly in the UK for the ratio of PCs to students. But it’s not all work and no play: Dundee offers students some outstanding entertainment and social and cultural facilities. Also, sport plays an important part in university life, as our sporting achievements demonstrate.


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Student Union

The Student Centre is more than just a building – it’s the cultural and social hub of our city campus and is a safe, stimulating environment in which to eat, relax and socialise with friends, and meet with lecturers. In keeping with our library, it really stands out as a place of beauty and innovation, and with the Students’ Association it encompasses numerous services including student welfare, entertainment, clubs and societies.