Abertay University Sports Science

Abertay University Sports Science

What you study

In the first and second year you will study Sport and Exercise Science within a broader context, this includes developing understanding of Physiology, Biomechanics and Psychology concepts.  The theoretical knowledge gained will be applied to a variety of practical-based modules.  Several options allow you to establish a strong foundation from which to specialise within the field of Sport and Exercise Science.  You will also have the opportunity to study theme-based interdisciplinary elective modules in the early years.

In years 3 and 4, you will study more specific Sport and Exercise Science modules, which cover aspects such as the Physiological Adaptations for Performance, Sports Biomechanics and Applied Sports Psychology.

Placement opportunities exist through the programme and optional courses will allow you to take modules from other programmes offering the opportunity to tailor the course to your own needs and interests.

In the final year, you will complete an individual piece of research of your own design that focuses on your particular area of enquiry within the field of Sport and Exercise Science.

For more information on the course content, download the Programme information – BSc with Honours in Sport and Exercise

How you learn and are assessed

The programme consists of a mixture of lectures, practical laboratory classes, seminars/tutorials and independent study.  The practical laboratory classes offer the chance to learn relevant scientific techniques first hand, and provide an opportunity to engage in research by designing experiments and collecting and analysing data.

The assessment strategy is aimed at developing a variety of skills that are valued by employers.  The vast majority of the assessment is by innovative coursework-related submissions such as lab reports, essays, oral and poster presentations, portfolios, reflective logs and practical tests.  Exams only form a small percentage – approximately 15% – of the overall assessment

Examination techniques

You will be assessed by the use of portfolio, reflective logs, case studies, laboratory reports, practical competencies, oral and poster presentations, as well as essays and exam-based assessment.

Assessments are designed to reflect the prospective needs of employers.