Abertay University Sport and Exercise

Abertay University Sport and Exercise

In the early years of the course you will study the sciences that underpin sport, namely physiology, psychology and biomechanics, as well as studying social policy and sport development.  Practical activities and work placements will enable you to contextualise theory to real life applications – including volunteering with the Active Schools programme – and work towards National Governing Body, or industry qualifications.

In the later years, the pattern of study will depend on the route chosen but, as an example, students following the sports coaching pathway will study motor control, skill acquisition, and teaching theory.  Students studying Physical Activity and Health will examine focus on social policy and practice, as well as examining the underpinning sciences of health.

Our students said:

“The broad study in Years 1 and 2 allowed me to find out what sport and exercise was about before choosing my final degree-path. It allowed me to make an informed choice.”
Kirsty, England

“The work placements gave me a real sense of what the real world was all about – it also helped make sense of my degree.”
John, Scotland

For more information on the course content, download the Programme information – BSc with Honours in Sport and Exercise

How you learn and are assessed

The course combines a variety of lectures, small group work, and practical activities. You also undertake work placements to reinforce the link between theory and practice. You will be encouraged to evaluate information and challenge commonly held ideas about sport and exercise, as well as being invited to research your own areas of interest and expertise.

Assessment uses a combination of examination and course work to help you develop a variety of intellectual and practical skills such as being able to put forward a position based on evidence, or being able to discuss and promote ideas within a group.