Abertay University Psychology and Counselling

Abertay University Psychology and Counselling

What you study

Students study the core areas of psychology across the four year programme:

  • biological and evolutionary psychology
  • cognitive psychology
  • developmental psychology
  • social psychology
  • personality and individual differences
  • research methods
  • conceptual and historical issues in psychology

Students also take core Counselling modules in areas including:

  • interpersonal skills
  • therapeutic skills
  • mental health perspectives
  • counselling theories and interventions
  • cognitive behavioural therapy

In addition, students can choose from a variety of Psychology option modules and University electives, broadening their knowledge and experience.

For more information on the course content, download the Programme information – BSc with Honours in Psychology and Counselling

How you learn and are assessed

Teaching is delivered through a variety of lectures, practical laboratory classes, tutorials and independent study. Counselling skills are developed through small group work and reflective practice.

Examination techniques

Student assessments are mixed to test breadth of skills. Assessments include examinations and class tests, laboratory reports, reflective portfolios, essays, presentations (both oral and posters), research projects, and scientific articles and case studies.


Why choose this course?

  • The Psychology and Counselling programme is unique in Scotland. It is the only degree programme that combines a BPS-accredited psychology degree with Counselling modules.
  • The programme is taught by research-active Psychology staff and Counselling practitioners, ensuring expert-led teaching.
  • Abertay University has been recognised for its research in Psychology, and was the highest rated Modern University in Scotland for Psychology research in the UK Research Excellence Framework 2014.
  • Students can take a range of options during their programme of study, providing a broad knowledge base across all areas of psychology and counselling.  Students will also learn how to design their own psychology experiments and analyse a variety of data, culminating in a supervised, student-led research project in the final year

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes, and the relation between the two. It explores how we act and interact, both as individuals and in groups, and the thoughts and feelings that underlie our behaviour. Counselling is concerned with the integration of psychological theory with interventions and therapeutic practice. As a student on this course you will develop both a scientific understanding of psychology as a discipline, and practical skills in counselling and therapy.