Abertay University Marking Scheme

Abertay University Marking Scheme

Abertay University has decided to bring in a new grading and degree classification system based on a Grade Point Average scheme. It started in September 2014 and will impact on the grade you get for your work and, for some students, how your degree classification will be decided.

What is a Grade Point Average (GPA)?

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is a way of calculating your average mark over your degree. It originated in North America and is now used in many countries. For your assignments, you will be given a letter grade and each letter grade has a matching number. These numbers are used to work out your average.

The new assessment scale looks like this:

At the moment, when you graduate you are awarded a degree which, at honours level, is classified as either a 1st, 2.i, 2.ii, or 3rd. These are broad categories which don’t let employers or other universities know much about your performance. For example, someone might have just missed out on a first or just scraped a 2.i, but there is no way of knowing using the honours classification system. The GPA allows others to get a more precise idea of how well you performed at university. It is also more recognisable overseas which should help if you want to study or work abroad.

The GPA also works well with the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), which is a way of recognising wider student achievement. Abertay is implementing the HEAR from September 2014. Together, the HEAR and GPA are designed to help employers get a better understanding of what you have done during your time at university. Because of these benefits, other UK universities are also starting to use the GPA.