Abertay University Map

Abertay University Map

Finding your Way Around

There are five levels within the main academic area of Abertay consisting of 4 buildings: the Kydd building, the Baxter Building, the Graham Building and the Old College building.

Level 5 is generally for Social Health Science students, level 4 generally for Computing (Kydd Building).

Levels and rooms numbers

  • If a room number begins with 1 the room is on level 1, if a room number begins with 2 the room is on level 2 and so on.
  • If the second digit of the room number is 5 (for example 3530) the room will be within the Kydd Building.
  • If the second digit is 0 (for example 3022) the room will be situated within the Old College Building.
  • Rooms beginning with G are situated in the Graham Building.

Below is the map of each level for you to get familiar with the layout, additionally you could print them off and bring them with you.

Campus Map Level 1

Campus Map Level 2

Campus Map Level 3

Campus Map Level 4

Campus Map Level 5


Click here for directions to Abertay Univeristy

By Car

Abertay University,
Bell Street,

There are a number of public car parks available around Abertay University

By rail: Dundee station

We are just ten minutes’ short walk from the train station. Taxis are available outside its main entrance. Journey information is available from National Rail Enquiries. Tickets can be bought directly from East Coast and Virgin Rail.

By bus

We are just ten minutes’ short walk from the bus station. Taxis are available in Trades Lane. (National Express Coaches, Megabus and Citylink)

By air: Dundee Airport

Dundee Airport, located in the heart of Scotland, is the most convenient fly-in destination for some 1000 square miles of central Scotland and operates 2 flights on week days to and from London Stansted (Loganair).