Abertay University Health and Safety

Abertay University Health and Safety

Health and safety

This category covers information about the institution’s health and safety policies, procedures and records.  In some instances information will be exempt from disclosure where it contains personal information, or information which, if released, may substantially prejudice the commercial interests of any person, endanger the physical or mental health or the safety of an individual, substantially prejudice the effective conduct of public affairs, or constitute an actionable breach of confidence.

Health and Safety policies

Policies, procedures and guidelines relating to health and safety and how the institution complies with Health & Safety Executive requirements.

For further information, please make a request for information to:

Freedom of Information, Academic Registry, Abertay University, Bell Street, Dundee, Scotland DD1 1HG

Email: foi@abertay.ac.uk

What you study

You will learn the fundamentals of food science and nutrition, and develop practical professional food handling skills.  You will learn about the nutritional requirements of the individual through the lifespan, and explore the role of food in public nutrition and health.  You will understand what drives consumer food choices, and how to develop innovative healthy food products, ensuring they are safe for the consumer to eat.

Why choose this course?

  • The two-year common core programme allows students to transfer between our degrees at the end of Year 2, in line with career aspirations.
  • Work placement in Year 3 provides opportunity to practice skills and test careers.
  • It is vocationally relevant, with emphasis throughout on development of practical skills in labs and kitchens as well as academic learning.
  • The programme content is influenced by industry contact and close working with FoodInnovation@abertay.ac.uk.
  • All programmes meet General Teaching Council requirements as a pre-requisite degree for Home Economics teaching.

If food is your passion, be it nutrition, health or consumer science, then these are the programmes for you.  The programmes are aimed to secondary school leavers, entrants from further education colleges and mature students who wish to pursue a career in a food related sector, or Home Economics teaching.