Abertay University Computer Games Technology

Abertay University Computer Games Technology

What you study

In Year 1 of the course, students are introduced to the core principles of computer game programming, computer architecture, and software design, as well as studying the appropriate mathematics for computer science and learning to program in C++.

In Year 2, students will continue studying the fundamentals of computer science, including data structures and algorithms, as well as graphics programming, general games programming, and systems architecture.

In Year 3, students participate in a professional project with students from other courses in the school. You will have the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary game development brief from an external organisation. Students have previously worked with Sony, Microsoft, Disney, The Chinese Room, Futurelab, and Outplay, as well as taking briefs for games looking at health, education and the environment. You will also study artificial intelligence, network and graphics programming.

In Year 4 (Honours), students have the opportunity to undertake a significant and sustained individual project, under the supervision of a member of the academic staff.


Why choose this course?  

  • This world-leading course is academically challenging and will develop your skills in game programming, real-time interactive graphics, sound and mathematics.
  • Students leave the programme with the confidence and skills to work in one of the most demanding industries in the world, which offers a distinct advantage over other computing graduates intending to pursue a career in the games industry.
  • There are open plan areas available to facilitate team work and encourage students from all game development disciplines to engage and collaborate with one another.
  • The course is kept up-to-date as the games industry changes and technology advances, ensuring our graduates are well equipped for employment within the creative industries sector.

The goal of this course is to create graduates that have the essential skills and knowledge required to develop computer games software in an industry where technology is constantly evolving.