Abertay University Computer Arts

Abertay University Computer Arts

What you study

The aim of Year 1 is to develop foundation knowledge, skills and practice supporting the construction of effective and efficient object-oriented software realising designs in appropriate problem domains.

In Year 2, students will develop knowledge and practice to support object-oriented software design and construction in order to realise solutions to real-world problem domains on a variety of platform technologies.

Year 3 is about developing knowledge and practice in software development, on a variety of platform technologies reflecting real-world professional practices in development, design and construction.  The honours year is for consolidation, synthesis and extension to knowledge and evidence-based practice of software systems development in current and emerging technologies.


Why choose this course?  

  • It provides technical and professional skills to enter employment in the computing industry.
  • It focuses on software development for mobile, desktop and Internet applications.
  • It is regularly reviewed to keep up-to-date with current professional technologies.
  • There is a strong emphasis on the practical application of knowledge and skills.

The computing industry is constantly evolving, with new hardware, software and production technologies emerging on a regular basis, and being applied in a variety of innovative applications.  Graduates entering the software development industry need expertise in a range of current and emerging technologies they can apply creatively to new, and existing problem areas.

The BSc (Hons) Computing programme is a practice-based course focused on software development for mobile, desktop and Internet platforms. The focus of the programme is on constructing effective, efficient, robust, and maintainable software through relevant study.  Students explore systems architecture, programming design, coding, platform technologies, software engineering and other areas of computer science, as applied in a variety of application contexts. The programme is designed to produce graduates with high-level subject-specific knowledge, practical and transferable skills to enable them to seek employment, or proceed to further advanced study.