Abertay University Blackboard

Abertay University Blackboard


 TLE Seminar “What’s New in Learning Technology”

To ensure all staff could benefit from our 6th May TLE Seminar “What’s New in Learning Technology”, we recorded the sessions, which are now available on our YouTube channel, so if you want to know more about Flipped Classrooms, e-portfolios or Open Educational Practices in Scotland follow this link to the TLE Seminar YouTube Playlist .

Many thanks to our external speakers: Dr Pete Cannell and Dr Ronald Macintyre from OEPS, Dr Heather Smith from Cranfield University, Robert Chielewski from Institute of Academic Development Edinburgh University and Alastair Brooke and Nathan Cobb from Blackboard.


Blackboard 2015 European Teaching and Learning Conference

A couple of weeks ago I attended the 2015 annual European Blackboard Teaching and Learning Conference.  This conference is a great place to connect with other Blackboard users.  The presentations were an interesting mix with many institutions showcasing how they had customised their learning environments and others providing information on how they use the Blackboard platform to deliver innovative teaching and fully online courses.

Blackboard also used the event to present product updates.  The CEO of Blackboard shared the company vision of how they are redesigning all their products to look and feel more like integrated solutions rather than separate standalone systems.  It was good to hear details of how the company is working on making Blackboard more customisable to local environments.

Some of the highlights for me were seeing how MEF University in Turkey is delivering all of their courses via the flipped classroom method.  MEF is a brand new institution and all their teaching spaces have been designed to facilitate collaborative group working.

Sheffield Hallam presented the findings of their project on how they are using technology to improve student engagement with feedback.  More information on this project is available on their blog