Abertay University Application Deadline

Abertay University Application Deadline

Your application

The University’s guiding principle is that admission to its courses is, subject to availability, open to all those who can demonstrate the ability to benefit from the opportunity.   To ensure a fair, equitable, and consistent approach to admissions, all applicants are given individual consideration and take into account the context and circumstances under which an individual’s qualifications were achieved.

How we consider applications

When we receive applications from UCAS, they are individually assessed against the selection criteria set for the programme.  Each programme has a minimum entry requirement, and you can find these minimum requirements in each course page. The most important factor is your academic achievement, and we will take into account the grades you have already achieved, and that you are expected to achieve.  We will look at how many attempts have been taken to complete a qualification, and will pay particular attention to your grades in subjects that are relevant to the course you’ve applied for.  We will also carefully consider your personal statement and reference, which should demonstrate your interest in, and commitment to, the course you have chosen.

Contextual factors

We recognise that applicants have differing backgrounds and experience and that they do not all have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their potential. We aim to set academic achievement in context through the consideration of a range of factors

These may include whether an applicant:

  • attends a school where a relatively small proportion of students progress to higher education
  • has spent significant time in care
  • has parents or guardians who have not previously attended university
  • has participated in a recognised access programme, such as LIFT-OFF, or Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools (LEAPS)
  • lives in an area of deprivation as identified by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

The outcome of your application

The University must consider all applications equally that have been submitted by the 15 January UCAS deadline.  As a result, most offers will be made during February.  Applications received after 15 January are considered at the University’s discretion.  Advice of the outcome of each application will come from UCAS, and you can see the progress of your application using UCAS Track.